Karnage Chronicles

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Karnage Chronicles
Karnage Chronicles.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
Nordic Trolls
Nordic Trolls
Microsoft Windows
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
July 312020
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Karnage Chronicles is a virtual reality RPG game developed and published by Nordic Trolls. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on July 31, 2020.

Premise[edit | edit source]

In this game, the player controls Murkwraith, who is on a mission to defeat enemies of the lands and restore order onto the world, in a high fantasy epic where good and evil are mere shades of the same color. Murkwraith's origin and purpose are questions he will need to uncover to shape theirfuture.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Karnage Chronicles averages between 2 to 4 hours of gameplay. This includes a region with three play areas, each with their own unique monsters and boss encounters. Moreover, it features RPG elements such as coin drops, treasures, consumables, destructibles, as well as weapon & armor upgrades, as well as quick reflexes when fighting against enemies.

Movement support[edit | edit source]

The games supports three types of movement: Free locomotion (Onward-style), teleportation, and a combination of both. Old-school HMD-tracked locomotion is also supported.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dungeon state is saved when you leave, including quitting the game. When you come back you will find the dungeon in the same state you left it.
  • Multiplayer is not cross-platform only cross-hardware. You cannot play together with players who play through the Oculus Store. If you want to play with a friend who has an Oculus this person must be playing through Steam.