Kirby's Dream Course

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Kirby's Dream Course is a video game for the Super Nintendo. It is a golf style game with power ups. There are eight courses in the game and has eight holes in each. The game has a scoring system which awards Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each level. There are unlockables in the game once a player gets enough medals. The player eventually meets a robot version of King Dedede at the top.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player uses Kirby as a ball. Kirby must hit enemies on the course and the last enemy becomes a hole which must then be sunk into. There is a health meter represented by Tomatoes. Tomatoes are gained by sinking the ball and hitting characters. They are lost when Kirby hits spikes. Powerups can be gained by hitting certain enemies. These include ice, spaceship, jump and rock. There is a video tutorial system in the game which explains 16 techniques.