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Kudos 2 is the computer game sequel to Kudos. It was made in January 2008 by Positech games, and as said by Post Mortem, one of Kudos 2's creators, it has many new improvements such as new 2d character art, more life choices, and an upgraded audio system[citation needed].


Kudos 2 has lots of choices that affect both the player and the player's friends. The player can get a drink at the bar, go shopping, clean his/her house, and even start dating. Some activities requires the player to have a specific relationship or item before they can be unlocked. While shopping, the player can shop in four different catergories: music, general, pets, and books. They made a big improvement on the books and general section, because they used realistic images for magazines, and made over 60 books to buy. The player can even socialize with his/her friends and go see a movie(of the player's choice), or even to a restaurant, with a fully interactive menu with realistic prices. The player can also take new courses for a small fee including IT skills, Advanced Biology, and Public Speaking. With a good education and high IQ and confidecnce, the player can pursue in over 200 different jobs in more than 10 fields including computing, sales, legal, and medicine. Overall, the player can do many new things in Kudos 2.


The dating system in this game is pretty much the same as the one in the first game. The player can not marry, move in, or have kids. But having a girlfriend/boyfriend in the game can really boost the player's confidence and happiness. To obtain a partner, the player must have the relationship bar completely full by doing activities with them. The player will receive a romantic proposal from the player's partner, and can choose if he/she want to start dating, or if he/she just want to stay friends. Its fully up to the player. While dating the player can unlock new activities like romantic movie, or candlelit dinner.


Reception for Kudos 2 has been limited but is positive. Metacritic [1] defines the game based on two reviews between 7 and 7.5 out of 10. UK PC Gamer garners the game as a perfect time waster.


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