Kujata Materia

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Kujata Materia
Basic Information
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VII
Materia Type
Summon Materia
Fire, Ice and Lightning
Summon Name(s)
Max HP
Max MP
Materia Leveling
Maximum Level
Total AP req. for Lvl. 2
Total AP req. for Lvl. 3
Total AP req. for Lvl. 4
Total AP req. for Lvl. 5
Materia Abilities
Level 1
Summon Kujata 1x per battle
Level 2
Summon Kujata 2x per battle
Level 3
Summon Kujata 3x per battle
Level 4
Summon Kujata 4x per battle
Level 5
Summon Kujata 5x per battle
Featured in...
Final Fantasy VII

The Kujata Materia allows the equipped player to perform the Tetra-Diaster summon during battle, which deals Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage to all enemies. If an enemy is less vulnerable to one or more of those elements, the summon will do less overall damage; if an enemy can absorb one of those elements, the summon will actually restore HP rather than cause damage. It also cannot be used with the Elemental Materia.

In the original PlayStation releases of Final Fantasy VII, this was mistakenly titled Kjata, but this mis-translation was corrected in future releases.