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Kyo Kusanagi

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Game Series King of Fighters series
First Appearance The King of Fighters '94
Japanese Name: Kusanagi Kyo
Occupation: None
Nationality: Japanese
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 181cm
Weight: 75kg
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Type B (RH-)
Birthdate: December 12, 1975
Birthplace: Japan
Likes: His motorcycle. His girlfriend (Yuki), Broiled fish, Ice hockey
Dis-Likes: Effort
Hobbies: Writing poems
Family: Father, Saisyu Kusanagi
Mother, Shizuka Kusanagi
Cousin, Souji Kusanagi
Cousin, Aoi Kusanagi
Girlfriend, Yuki
Power: Pyrokinesis
Fighting Style: Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts + personal style of Chinese boxing (Kenpo)
Weapon(s): None

Kyo in KOF 99'

Original Kyo this is how you tell him apart from the clones