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This article is about a computer game. For the Lego set theme, see Lego Creator.

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User Interface of "Lego Creator"

Lego Creator is a computer sandbox game for the PC that involves building with virtual Lego elements. The game has no missions, objectives, challenges, or money constraints.


In addition to the regular bricks in an assortment of colors, there are specified "Action Bricks" that move or make noise. Such examples include a Hinge, Propeller, and Siren. There is also a "Destructa Brick"(LEGO Copyright), in a form of a no-stud 1x2 tile brick with an image of dynamite. This can be used to destroy models in Play Mode, although they will automatically rebuild when returning to Build Mode. Minifigures can also be used, and can stand, sit (for controlling vehicles), or walk. They, too are customizable. They can even be set to drive vehicles set to a path or road. In play mode, environments can go from day to night.

Custom models[]

Some people have uploaded custom (Lego) model creations for others to download into their version of Lego Creator. Tools used include LDraw, LegoDigitalDesigner and other LCA model format model software.

Windows XP/Vista compatibility[]

Older versions of Lego Creator CDs do not work in Windows XP unmodified.[1] When installed from an original game disc, overwritten with a third party patch and run in Windows 98/Me compatibility mode, the game will play on some Windows XP computers.[citation needed] Lego has released a newer edition which is XP compatible and has also released a patch to allow it to run on Windows-NT based operating systems, such as Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Lego creator is compatible with Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Business.


Lego Creator received 4 awards:

Computer Game Developers Spotlight Award, Best New Children's Game

CODIE Software Publishers Association Excellence in Software Awards, Best New Home Creativity Software (US)

"Top 100 Family Tested", Family PC Magazine

PIN Quality Mark Gold Award, Parents Information


Lego Creator has been given two sequels, Lego Creator: Knight's Kingdom and Lego Creator: Harry Potter.

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