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LK Avalon is a Polish developer and distributor of computer games.

In the 1990s, the company developed several games for 8-bit computers C64 and Atari. Its top developer was Janusz Pelc. LK Avalon also distributed products of Zeppelin Games on the Polish market.

The letters LK in the brand name stand for Laboratorium Komputerowe (Computer Labs). It is sometimes spelled as L.K. Avalon.

Selected games and programs[]

  • Robbo
  • AD 2044
  • Fred - arcade
  • Misja - arcade
  • Smuś
  • Wacuś the detective
  • Schizm
  • Sołtys
  • Skaut
  • Stalowe nerwy
  • Garden Composer 3D - design sw
  • Chaos Music Composer - atari 800xl

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