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Bow's sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
I hope that fan is just for cooling off...

Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Paper Mario
Alias: Lady Boo
Japanese Name: Resaresa (レサレサ)
Affiliation: Boo's Mansion (Paper Mario)
Species: Boo
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Boo's Mansion
Likes: Scaring people
Dis-Likes: Tubba Blubba
Family: Boo Relatives
Home: Boo's Mansion
Weapon(s): Fan
Skill(s): Smack, Outta Sight
Special Skill(s): Spook, Fan Smack
Trademark: Red bows on her head.
Notes: She makes a cameo in the sequel to Paper Mario.

Lady Bow is a partner in Paper Mario. She is found in the fourth chapter. Her special ability is turning Mario and herself invisible so enemies can't see or attack them.

Paper Mario[]

In chapter 3, Mario heads into Forever Forest. Bow's butler, Bootler, greets him before he gets too far, telling him he has been summoned to Boo's Mansion deep within the forest. He then fades away, only to come back and scare Mario, saying he must go.

When Mario arrives at Boo's Mansion, a voice beckons him to the top floor. Boo's Mansion is filled with traps and tricks, and Mario will need to solve a few puzzles to get to Bow's room. Once there, she explains what happened to Skolar, the 3rd Star Spirit. She then tells Mario of another problem that the local village of Gusty Gulch is facing. After a brief argument with Bootler, Bow joins Mario's party. When they approach the village, some local Boos warn them of danger that lurks up ahead: the dreaded ghost-eating Tubba Blubba's hideout. Loud thumping is heard, and soon Tubba Blubba appears and Mario is prompted to use Bow's special, hiding him from sight. A Boo named Stanley keeps talking but forgets to hide himself and gets eaten.

Bow is helpful in getting pass the flying enemies in Tubba Blubba's Castle, as if they grab Mario, he'll be chucked out of the Castle.

Once Mario defeats Tubba Blubba, Bow keeps her promise of giving him the Star Spirit, and she joins his party for the rest of his adventure.

Bow uses her hand (and, once upgraded to Ultra Rank, her fan) to attack enemies. She has the ability to hide Mario in combat for one turn and the ability to scare enemies into fleeing the battle (Super Rank).

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door[]

Bow makes a cameo in Poshley Heights with her butler, Bootler.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

Bow is a collectible sticker, only to be used by Peach and Zelda, and increases attack by 8!