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Lagoon is a top-view action/adventure video game for the Sharp X68000 and Super NES, in which Nasir (Nassel in the Japanese version), Champion of Light, must investigate the source of the worlds corrupted water and return peace to Lakeland.

Action is in real time, similar to the Seiken Densetsu series, however the player levels up and has offensive and defensive stats that are affected by the weapons and equipment carried, as in an RPG. The game contains a variety of towns, landscapes and dungeons littered with a variety of enemies ranging from insects to giant bosses.


Lakeland is a prosperous country full of many people and their families. All was great, until something bad happened. It seems that Lakeland is having a bit of a water problem: Muddy Water. An evil being known as Zerah has polluted all of Lakeland's rivers and lakes, making people very sick, and some dying. He does this in hopes to release the Evil Spirit, which is hiding underneath Lagoon Castle, so Zerah lifts Lagoon Castle into the clouds to where no one can reach it. With all this, Lakeland needs a hero.

That hero is named Nasir, the Champion of the Light. Nasir must go through many lands, challenge many monsters, and meet many people who will help him on his quest.

X68000 Version[]

The Sharp X68000 Version was very different from the SNES version of Lagoon. It featured cut scenes between game situations. Also, the story line was slightly different, with objectives that do not match the order in which they happen in the SNES version.

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