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LightWeight (ライトウェイト Raitoueito?) is a developer of video games with samurai themes, such as the Bushido Blade series and the Kengo series.


The company was founded on November 22, 1995 in Meguroku, Tokyo under managing director Tetsuo Mizuno.[2] The developer Square Co., Ltd. initially had a 40% stake in LightWeight. Lightweight cut its ties with Squaresoft in 1998, and in March 1999, Takashi Ueda was appointed as CEO and director of the company. The following month, developer Genki acquired a 40% stake in the company.[3] In March 2001 LightWeight became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genki, but dissolved this connection on March 31, 2006 when LightWeight was bought by Index Visual & Games, Ltd. Ueda retired in his position in November 2007.[2]



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