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This is an index of characters from the Guilty Gear fighting game series.

Playable Characters[]


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Isuka

Created atop a mountain home named "Frasco" (フラスコ Furasuko?), A.B.A (アバ Aba?) is an artificial life-form, or homunculus, the creation of a scientist who lived within Frasco. However, before her 'birth', the aforementioned scientist was taken away by the military, which was planning to use his skills for unknown reasons. When her eyes opened for the first time, A.B.A found herself alone within Frasco, and lived the first 10 years of her life in total isolation.

Escape from Frasco was not impossible. Nevertheless, A.B.A quickly realized that she had no knowledge of how to exist outside of her home. To find relief from her sadness, she began to collect keys of all kinds, as they represented the opening of a bold new world and an escape from imprisonment.

While roaming outside one day, still tired of her isolated life, A.B.A stumbled upon an ancient relic known as "Flament Nagel". It was love at first sight, as the war relic was shaped like a key, A.B.A decided to keep it as her partner; she renamed it "Paracelsus" (パラケルス Parakerusu?). Her new goal was to acquire an artificial body for her newfound partner, whom she refers to as her spouse.

Her name is a direct reference to ABBA.

Anji Mito[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear X

Anji Mito (御津 闇慈 Mito Anji?) is among the few people born of Japanese descent. Because of this, he is protected by the government since full-blooded Japanese are an endangered race. While there are those who accept this lifestyle, Anji doesn’t - he compares acceptance of government to living in a zoo's cage. To regain his freedom, he escaped from his colony and pursued That Man for answers for his ever-curious mind.

No one knows exactly how he heard of That Man and the Gears themselves, nor do they know how he came to possess the Zessen (絶扇?) fans. It is implied that Anji stole the Zessen, which had been stored in the Japanese colony, before escaping.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Judgment

A massive beetle-like monster that appears to be shielding itself with its arms from its front, Ansect is a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA, having first appeared as an enemy in Guilty Gear Judgment.

Axl Low[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

Axl Low (アクセル=ロウ Akuseru Rou?) is a time traveller. He comes from the 20th century, over one hundred and fifty years before most of the Guilty Gear storyline. His main goal is to return to his own time period, mainly because of his desire to return to his girlfriend, Megumi. For this reason, he seeks out various means, and is continually attempting to solve his time slipping mystery. He seems to know Sol Badguy as Frederick from the 20th century.

Axl enters the Sacred Knights Tournament in hopes of finding a way to get back to his own era. He was apparently led to believe that the winner of the tournament could have a wish granted them. In the second game, Axl is wandering about, looking for Faust, in hopes of being cured by a doctor of such skill. He encounters various people on the way, and fights them, chalking it all up to bad luck. Then he meets up with Sol Badguy. After this, the path splits. In one ending, Axl fights Kliff Undersn and Justice, and then realizes that he's been thrown back in time once again. In the other (more likely) ending, he battles Faust, and then is diagnosed with involuntary timeslipping. Faust blames this on there being an alternate version of Axl in existence.

Axl meets up with I-No, among other people, while wandering about. As is the case with many other characters, I-No is the catalyst that causes the events that follow. In one of his three endings, he ends up fighting a future version of himself. In another, Axl fights with Zappa, and afterward begins to wonder how Megumi is faring. In the third ending, he meets up with "That Man" and finds out from him that Raven is the cause of his timeslipping, and it is implied that Raven is the alternate version of Axl that was diagnosed by Faust. This allegedly has something to do with actions performed by Axl later on. Perhaps more light will be shed on this in later games. Interestingly, since the three endings have nothing to do with each other, and don't contradict each other in any way, it's entirely possible that they all happened. His appearance appears to be based on Axl Rose.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

During the Crusades, the nation of Japan was destroyed by the Gears. Following this, those of Japanese descent who still lived were declared cultural treasures and placed in special colonies. However, the Gears attacked even these colonies. During one attack, the young Baiken (梅喧?), after watching the death of her parents and losing her right arm and left eye, saw standing among the Gears their creator: "That Man." From that point, she swore revenge, training herself in the use of the katana and dedicated herself to hunting "That Man" down. (Baiken was a hidden character in Guilty Gear but became a normal character in the later installments.) Armed with a katana, she also has many hidden surprise weapons within the sleeve of her severed arm: a Japanese mace, a fireworks cannon, a bladed fan, a chain rope, a hook, a claw, and a spear. Her design is based on Himura Kenshin.[citation needed]


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear XX

Despite the name and appearance, Bridget (ブリジット Burijitto?) is actually male. He was born in a village where the birth of twins of the same gender was considered bad luck, and hence his family named and raised him as a girl. When he became older, he decided that he would prove his worth and his pride by becoming a bounty hunter. He is given a fake list of bounties by I-No, sending him against many of the other fighters. He fights with a yo-yo and Roger (ロジャー Rojā?), his mechanical, over sized teddy bear.

Chipp Zanuff[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

Chipp Zanuff (チップ=ザナフ Chippu Zanafu?), a former drug trafficker, was a youth who struggled to live life on the streets of America. Chipp often sold illegal substances to many other addicts and corrupt organizations like the Mafia, so Chipp had become an avid dealer. Chipp's job was not a safe or comforting one, and he soon gave in to the enticing (but mind altering) drugs that he sold for trade. Business had been going as usual, but it seemed a complication had put Chipp into a situation that lead to him fleeing from the Mafia. Chipp had become outnumbered and, it seemed death had come early for him, but as if from nowhere his pursuers were quickly dispatched, and in front of Chipp stood a man clearly different from the others. He revealed his name as Tsuyoshi (?), and his next words would change Chipp's outlook on both life and the sins he had committed. Tsuyoshi offered Chipp into his care, which he gratefully accepted. To clear the youth's mind, as well as start a life of honor and repentance, Tsuyoshi trained Chipp in the art of Ninjutsu basics, to which he quickly adapted, and they lived peacefully together until an assassin syndicate ordered Tsuyoshi's killing. Chipp, filled with rage, attempted to pursue the culprits responsible, entering the second sacred order tournament in order to get him a lead in his travels.

Chipp enters the second order tournament to carry on his quest of vengeance. His ending, while non-canonical, is the only ending in the mainstream games to feature Tsuyoshi's face, and it is revealed he has a purple scar over his left eye, ninja attire, a large nose, and a mustache. Chipp believes that even though Justice was evil, she deserved a second chance, just as he did. He then leaves, spending all the time up until the discovery of Dizzy training in the wilderness.

Afterwards, Chipp starts off his quest once more only to be interrupted by Dizzy possessed by Necro, who happened to have just fallen from the May Ship. After swiftly getting away he encounters other characters including Bridget, Ky Kiske, Faust and Eddie. The story splits from there, Chipp either encountering Venom who after his defeat (by Chipp of course) makes a deal with Chipp; if he becomes President, he may use the guild to his needs, in the second ending he meets Slayer who taunts Chipp; Chipp vows to become stronger in order to defeat Slayer and in the final ending he gains knowledge of the Post-War Administration Bureau after defeating Robo-Ky and learns of his role in their plans. In other player's story lines, he is often a brainwashed enemy and again Necro's first unfortunate target.

Chipp's gimmick of being a "ninja" of foreign descent is the reason he utters words like "sushi," "sukiyaki" and "Fujiyama geisha"—stereotypical Japanese words that would be known to a non-Japanese—during and after battles. However, since the release of Λ Core (Accent Core), Chipp uses real Japanese words for his attacks.

Chipp's name is derived from Chip Z'nuff of the American Hard Rock band Enuff Z'nuff.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear X

The details of Dizzy (ディズィー Dizwī?)'s birth are not known; all that is known for certain is that she was found as an infant roughly three years before the events in Guilty Gear X, by an old couple with no children of their own to depend on. The other villagers became afraid, however, since Dizzy appeared to age from being an infant to apparently being in her late teens in three years. This was compounded when she discovered, one day, that she now had wings and a tail. Dizzy was now identified as a Gear—essentially, a living weapon of mass destruction, and a hundred-year war against Gears had just ended five years ago. Dizzy's foster parents hid her in a grove in the woods, but she was soon discovered and subjected to abuse at the hands of her captors. She quickly escaped, however, and the government issued a 500,000 World-Dollar bounty for her death.

From there, Dizzy came under the protection of Testament, a Gear who had served under the Command Gear Justice. Testament fought off most of the bounty hunters, and if any managed to overcome him, they were quickly beaten back by the immense power of Dizzy herself. She was eventually defeated by the bounty hunter known as Sol Badguy. However, he spared her life, and the bounty fell to Jam Kuradoberi, who used it to create her restaurant. Dizzy was then discovered by Johnny and May, who "rescued" her and invited her into their crew.

A few weeks later, Dizzy was on the deck of the May Ship when she was suddenly knocked off by I-No. She fell 20,000 feet, and the impact caused her to become possessed by Necro (ネクロ Nekuro?). Under no fault of her own, she then laid waste to several other characters until she was "cured" by Faust.

Dizzy's mother, it turns out, is Justice, which is revealed in the drama CD Guilty Gear XX: Side Red And Black,[1] as well as comments on the CD by Dizzy's actress, Kazue Fujita. Dizzy can perform a variation on Justice's Gamma Ray overdrive, as well as the Michael Sword attack (in her "EX" Mode in GGXX).

Dr. Paradigm[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Dr. Paradigm (Dr.パラダイム Dokutā Paradaimu?) is yet another of Guilty Gear 2: Overture's seven playable characters. He is one of the sealed Gears from the dimensional plane Backyard (バックヤード Bakkuyādo?) during the era of the Genocide Gear Justice in the Crusades. This action was done so Justice could not control his mind using her Commander Gear abilities. Dr. Paradigm was later released when the 100 year war was over. Dr. Paradigm is a strongly skilled magician with a fairly large book of magics. How strong his magic lives up to is not known, yet he can cast very helpful and dangerous magic in a manner of seconds. Past this his knowlegedable and very bright mind is not to be taken lightly as he's even more knowledgeable than Sol Badguy himself. Dr. Paradigm has a protective bubble around him in which it seems permanently around him. Paradigm also has what seems to be a small fairy girl flying around him but no one knows exactly what she is there for. Paradigm has a reasonable hate for humans yet will not attack them, for he wishes "not to make the same mistake as these filthy humans".

Paradigm seems heartless to those at some times as seen when has no hesitation to kill Ky Kiske's wife. He'd rather end things at the moment than to rather fight Valentine and her forces. Paradigm is a bit prejudiced at moments when it comes to Gears and humans as he would pick the Gears' side anytime. Paradigm is useful when it comes to magic. He even freed Ky from Valentine's imprisonment spell Valentine had cast on him. Paradigm can even reverse the brainwashing ability of Valentine with a single spell. He is also the only one besides That Man to call Sol by his original name: Frederick.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear XX (Cameo appearance in Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear X ending)

After fighting Millia, Zato-1 falls to his injuries, and the parasite Eddie (エディ Edi?) takes control of Zato's now decaying body to seek out a new living host to control. Eddie replaces Zato-1 from GGXX onward with regard to both the story and the selectable characters. His name is a reference to Eddie the Head, the mascot of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Petit

Fanny (ファニー Fanī?) is a strange nurse with an unusual connection to Dr. Baldhead who saves her life from a sickness; she fights her enemies in much the same style as him, using a syringe that once belonged to her late mother. She appeared in the WonderSwan game Guilty Gear Petit and its sequel, Guilty Gear Petit 2. Her endings in both games show a big connection with Dr. Baldhead/Faust. In the first she is wondering why Dr. Baldhead disappeared; in the second she is saying goodbye because she knows she will never see him again.

Faust/Dr. Baldhead[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

Once a kind and very talented surgeon, Faust became a ruthless murderer after losing a young girl in surgery. After horribly killing scores of people and being imprisoned, Faust was given a second chance after the first tournament. He first decided to atone for his crimes by taking his own life, but he learned that the girl's death was actually caused by a third party. Donning a paper bag on his head and taking his oversized scalpel, Faust seeks out the truth about the girl's death while dedicating himself to saving as many lives as he can.

Faust has been commonly noted by reviewers as a standout character in the series due to his appearance[2] and unconventional in-game behavior.[3] Gaming website Boomtown described him as "a nine-foot tall guy with spastic limbs and a paper bag over his head", noting him as one of "the strangest and most entertaining host of characters in any fighting game to date."[4] IGN compared him directly to Soul series character Voldo, adding "has enough humorous patterns to keep you entertained for days."[5] Game Chronicles reviewer Mark Smith shared the sentiments, praising the representation of Faust's personality in his moveset.[6]


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

The boss of Guilty Gear Dust Strikers, Gig (ギグ Gigu?) is a massive insect-like creature with an angelic figure emerging from its tail. An undetailed and unusual character, Gig does not fight traditionally, but rather floats up and down firing projectiles and requires only basic knowledge of blocking to defeat with ease. This, coupled with the facts that he has virtually no story and is scarcely animated at all makes him an unpopular character. Gig is known to be a Gear of some sort, referred to as a male despite the female figure attached to him, and appears to be acting against his will.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Judgment

Goose does not live up to its name, meaning it's not actually a bird. Instead, it appears to be a creature with a pointy rock sticking out of its chest. Goose first appears as one of the many enemies in Guilty Gear Judgment and becomes a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear XX

One of That Man's servants and apparently a time-traveler, I-No (イノ Ino?) appears in the postwar era approximately two weeks after the events of Guilty Gear X. She attacks Dizzy and sets the various fighters of the era against each other, seeking to help That Man's still-unrevealed plans. However, throughout points in Accent Core Plus, it seems that she's trying to help what she thinks his plans are instead of his plans for sure. She fights with an electric guitar, both using it as a bludgeon and playing it to create deadly sonic waves. She also wears a stereotypical pointed witch's hat that can fire projectiles out of a hidden "mouth." She is the primary antagonist and boss character of Guilty Gear XX.

In Guilty Gear XX, one of her victory poses has her playing a guitar solo similar to one of the solos featured in the Eddie Van Halen's instrumental piece Eruption. In the game Guilty Gear: Accent Core plus it is revealed in one of I-no's Endings that she is killed by Baiken, an event that is paralleled in one of Baiken's storylines.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Izuna (イズナ?) is another playable character who made his debut in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Along with Dr. Paradigm and Valentine, Izuna also comes from the plane Backyard. Izuna is a Japanese fox spirit who himself was exiled to the Backyard. Unlike most spirits of his kind, Izuna gained a physical form through the power of his will. Izuna states that "There are more physical spirit demons like me, but were brainwashed by Valentine". He is a very skilled swordsman and has certain magical abilities. Izuna is also the one to teach Sol Badguy and Sin how to use the tactics of the Ghost and Master Ghost system in the game as well. Most fans believe Izuna's looks were taken off of Slayer, though this is not likely because various interviews with Daisuke Ishiwatari he exclaims that Izuna along with Valentine, Dr. Paradigm, and Sin are all new children (creations) of his.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

Johnny (ジョニー Jonī?) is captain of the airship May Ship and leader of the Jellyfish Pirates. His first appearance was in Guilty Gear as a non-playable character in May's ending, and he became a playable character in Guilty Gear X. Johnny is a compulsive womanizer; his entire crew, including May, is composed of young women. He is protective of Dizzy, defending her from bounty hunters in Guilty Gear X and I-No's attack in Guilty Gear XX. He fights with a wood-handled Japanese sword and uses the Iaidō style of swordsmanship. His outfit and his long hair indication he's a reference to Johnny Winter.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Judgement

Judgment was originally Raymond, a mad scientist working on the remote island of Isene and exploiting its inhabitants, trying to create a living weapon that would surpass even the gears. He believed his work was the work of God. Raymond is devoured by Inus, a dark king of the underworld, who is subsequently killed. This allows Raymond to take control of Inus's power, transforming himself into Judgment. However because Inus wished to remain dead, Judgment was subsequently consumed after being defeated.

Jam Kuradoberi[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear X

Jam Kuradoberi (Japanese: 蔵土縁 紗夢 Kuradoberi Jam)is a master chef, and longs to create her own restaurant, but lacks the means to do so. She seems to have terrible luck in this endeavor even once she gets it off the ground. She's a fairly docile character, and also relatively unimportant during the beginning arches of the storyline. However, during XX, Jam's ability to wield Ki becomes a very notable aspect. She can be described as a bit of a flirt, as she has hit on both Bridget and Ky in her story.

Jam is wandering about, allegedly having heard rumors about mystical ingredients to be found at "The Devil's Living Place," where Dizzy resides. When she runs into Testament, she claims to be looking for "ingredients," which he mistakes for "atonement" (because the two words are homophones in Japanese). After her battle with Testament, she goes on to fight Dizzy, who thinks that she's trying to eat her (or simply kill her). In one ending, Jam is able to get the ingredients she sought for, which were allegedly unknown to mankind. In the other, the field is burned down during the battle. In both, she defeats Dizzy, and probably leaves on friendly terms. According to information given in Guilty Gear XX, she later claims the bounty for Dizzy's defeat and uses the money to start her restaurant.

Jam's restaurant, which is now up and running, is burned down by a mysterious figure who dresses very similar to Ky Kiske. She engages the said arsonist at the scene, and then the story branches out. In one path, she accuses several people of being the arsonist, and then finds another the false Ky Kiske, who is revealed to be a robotic version known as Robo-Ky; two endings come from this. In one, someone — presumably from the Post-War Administration Bureau — is revealed to be watching her using a crystal ball, and concludes that her fighting data would be useful for their next "simulation project" (there will not be a Robo-Jam in the works, though this may also foreshadow Robo-Ky Mk. II). The other has the Robo-Ky call in reinforcements (in the form of MORE Robo-Ky's) which Jam fights a few of, until Ky Kiske appears to intervene. Jam wards off a brainwashed May while Ky disposes of the aforementioned Robo-Ky's. Jam then offers to share a picnic with the Holy Knight, arguing that food is the cure for a bad mood, after the whole arson issue is cleared.

Jam's other path has her meet I-No, who gives her a false list of bounties, including Venom, Johnny, and Millia Rage. After fighting I-No again and finding out that the bounties are false, she tries to make it up to the aforementioned victims by cooking for them. Venom and Millia Rage, unable to sit anywhere near each other (and drunk on top of that), end up slinging insults until they fight. The ensuing battle destroys Jam's new stall, which she has started up since she lacks the finances for a new restaurant.

Jam is later able to rebuild her restaurant through multiple loans, but is unable to pay them off. To get the money to do so, she sets out to advertise her restaurant and runs into several of the cast members, who she tries to make work at her restaurant but only Bridget lost and had to work there.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

The original Commander Gear, Justice had the power to control all other Gears, which she used to wage war against the human race. Ultimately she was brought down and exiled to a dimensional prison by the Sacred Order of Holy Knights. However, she was freed by Testament, but was quickly defeated once again, and finally destroyed by Sol Badguy. (Justice is the final boss of Guilty Gear, is absent from Guilty Gear X except for in Guilty Gear X: Plus, and returns as a secret character in GGXX and GGXX Accent Core Plus.)

It is unofficially hinted that Justice's appearance is based on the anime Tekkaman Blade. Justice is stated to officially be the mother of Dizzy in the "Guilty Gear XX: Side Red and Black" CD. A battle between the two characters begins with Dizzy asking Justice, why she feels familiar or who she is, hinting at a mysterious connection between the two. A victory by Justice in the arcade mode of GGXX results in her telling Dizzy, "It's time for you to go to sleep."

Kliff Undersn[]

  • First appearance: Guilty Gear

Kliff was the founder of the Holy Order and wields a massive sword known as the Dragonslayer. A hero of the Crusades, having clashed with Justice multiple times, he became a great mentor to Ky Kiske and personally scouted Sol Badguy to join the Holy Order. He is the foster father of Testament, whom he found as an orphan during the Crusades. In Accent Core Plus, it is revealed that he may have fought Testament as a gear while he was under the control of Justice toward the end of the war. Although, the player has the chance to confront Testament in the first Guilty Gear, it is unknown if their meeting again is actually canon. He still maintains a great deal of prowess in his old age, and has the uncanny ability to transform himself to a younger state, if only briefly. After the first Guilty Gear, Kliff passes away likely due to old age and the stress of the tournament. He appears again in Guilty Gear X: Plus, Guilty Gear XX, and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus as a secret character.

Ky Kiske[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

The young, dedicated, and pious chief of the International Police Force, Ky Kiske was made head of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights at age 16 and under his leadership, they were able to bring an end to the century long Crusades against the Gears. He is dedicated to God and works to maintain peace after the holy war. Although he morally sees only in black and white and not in shades of grey, and is easily manipulated by unseen workers from the holy war, he is working to adjust. His dedication to law and order puts him at odds with the free-spirited Sol Badguy, his rival. He fights with the Thunderseal sword and with his lightning magic.

After Ky hears rumors of bloodshed, huge prizes, and the possible resurrection of Justice, Ky Kiske enters a tournament that will select members for a second Sacred Order of Holy Knights. After hearing Justice's last words at the conclusion of the tournament, Ky hears new rumors, these ones of a new Commander Gear that doesn't wish to harm humans. He sets out to find the truth in Justice's final words and the flaws of his own concept of justice. After rescuing a beaten Commander Gear Dizzy and entrusting her to Johnny's care, Ky returns to his normal duties as a captain of the IPF. As soon as he's returned to work, Ky Kiske is thrust into a new conspiracy which includes robot clones of himself, a secret organization, a woman in red called I-No, and Sol.

In Guilty Gear 2: Overture, he has become king of the country Illyuria through an overwhelming support at an election. He then finds out that the Gears have begun mysteriously vanishing, and his kingdom is under attack by a mysterious force, he turns to Sol for help by sending out a "Wanted" sign with his face on it, demanding him brought to Illyuria. Sol and Ky maintain a friendly relationship in Overture, and, like Sol, he also sports a new sword, called Aquila.

He is named after former Helloween members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske.

He is voiced by Liam O'Brien In Guilty Gear 2: Overture


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Isuka

Very little is known about this character, the boss of Guilty Gear Isuka. An Arcadia article mentions that he is a good man at heart who somehow manages to control a giant Gear, but otherwise little is known about him, his Gear, or his faithful dog. A killer who shows absolutely no mercy, he is a formidable beast.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

A young, cute, and spunky member of the Jellyfish air pirates that is utterly dedicated to Johnny, the leader of the pirates and the man who raised her after she was orphaned. She entered the first tournament in order to bail Johnny out of prison, and fights in later tournaments for his benefit. She fights with a massive ship's anchor, which she is able to swing with ease. It is heavily implied that May is Japanese. (In fact, if Justice defeats May in the GGXX arcade mode, Justice will point out that she is disgusted by the fact there are still Japanese people walking the Earth.) May has an irrational fear of bald people and can sense them from a distance.

Millia Rage[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

Born of Russian descent, Millia lost both of her parents at an early age. She was thereafter adopted into a nearby Assassin Syndicate, where she practiced in the art of Hi-Deigokutsuipou, or the "Six Forbidden Magics". Using the Sixth Hi-Deigokutsuipou, "Angra", Millia's hair gained the abilities she currently possesses, enabling her to control its movement as well as alter its length and shape at will. Zato-1 practiced a similar technique, the Fifth Forbidden Magic, "Shokusei Kagejin", by sacrificing his sense of sight.

Due to Zato-1's rise in power within the Guild, Millia betrayed her "comrade", sealing him within a dimensional portal. Millia abandoned the Guild shortly thereafter, finding no comfort in the cruel ways of an assassin. The Guild leader eventually escaped, enraged at Millia's actions, leading to an overall hatred of women.

Upon hearing of Zato-1's escape from the dimensional prison, Millia uses the Second Holy Order's Fighting Tournament as a method of tracking down Zato, determined to end his life once and for all. Manipulated much like the rest of the cast, the bloodshed from the Tournament releases Justice from her slumber. However, she is promptly destroyed by none other than Sol Badguy.

Still in search of Zato-1, Millia hears mention of a Gear with free-will. Panicked countries establish another "tournament", with a prize of 500,000 World Dollars to he who captures, dead or alive, the aforementioned Gear. Rage uses this as yet another chance to find Zato. Canonically, the former assassin finally finds Zato, seemingly ending his life. Unknown to her, Eddie takes control of Zato's body thereafter, having been slowly gaining control over Zato since the bonding with its master.

After the "death" of Commander Gear Dizzy, as well as Zato-1, Millia continued living in her familiar solitude. However, it was not long before she received sightings of a being similar to that of Zato's Forbidden Beast, Eddie. Encountering many familiar, as well as new, faces along the way, Millia once again confronts Eddie.

In XX, Millia has three different endings, all of which conclude upon her search for Eddie. In the first, Slayer bars her path just before she is about to confront Eddie. After a fight Millia manages to hold her ground but is unable to defeat him, Slayer "reveals" to Millia that her hair is of the same origins as Eddie, though Millia replies that "[she] knows this better than anybody." In the second ending she manages to defeat Slayer and pass on through to then subsequently kill Eddie; fatigued and relieved, Millia returns to her new life. The third ending is very similar to the second albeit with a much brighter outcome. After killing Eddie, she buries Zato's body, leaving her hair and Zato's blindfold as a memento. She thanks him and leaves.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

A massive slave-soldier of Zepp, a floating continent controlled by a military dictatorship, Potemkin was forced into the first tournament by his superiors. However, during the tournament, the government of Zepp was overthrown in a revolt led by Gabriel, his mentor. Once Gabriel was made president of Zepp, Potemkin pledged his loyalty to the new government as a special agent. The mantle he wears was a slave collar used by his superiors to keep him in check. He decided to keep it as a memento of his past. Potemkin likes to draw, but is so strong, he can put four tons of pressure on a pencil with only his fingers. In his free time, he works at a bakery, known by his customers not as a killer, but instead, a gentle baker.

GameSpy in their review of Guilty Gear X stated Potemkin filled the "hulking brute" role in the title, adding that they found his personality unique and entertaining, and emphasized his uniqueness amongst the game's cast.[7] This sentiment was repeated in their review of Guilty Gear X2, noting him as one of "the coolest character designs ever seen in a game", and adding him to be "the heaviest heavy ever conceived".[8] Gaming website Boomtown stated simply "Potemkin makes Zangief from Street Fighter look like a sissy."[9] Some criticism however for his voice has been made, with a Netjak reviewer stating "I think he should sound Barry White deep, not like a TI 99-4A running a voice module at quarter speed."[10]


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Judgment

First appearing as one of the enemies in Guilty Gear Judgment, Ra-Ki is a zombie-like monster that becomes a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA. It mainly fights using the blades attached to its elbows.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear XX

Robo-Ky is not simply one character, but in fact a line of robotic copies of Ky Kiske created by the shadowy Post War Administration Bureau. For some reason, Robo-Ky is often mistaken for the real Ky Kiske and vice versa during the game's story mode, even though his face is obviously metallic, his voice is higher-pitched and robotic, and he constantly blurts out *GIGIGI* or *BZZZT* noises during story sequences.

  • Revised Appearance: Guilty Gear XX#Reload

In story mode, Robo-Ky functions the same in #Reload as he does in XX, but that's where the similarity ends - the revised Robo-Ky contains an entirely different sprite set and movelist from his XX predecessor. With regard to explaining the existence of Robo-Ky from XX, it is simply assumed that he was an early model and that the Robo-Ky from #Reload is "the real deal". This also implies that the other characters have never met the Robo-Ky from #Reload.

  • Cameo Appearance: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

In this game, Robo-Ky is merely a customizeable extra, with no story.

Robo-Ky Mk. II[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Isuka

A version of Robo-Ky whose moveset and technical parameters (like attack strength, defense, etc.) can be customized. Unlike the other Robo-Ky, Mk. II is built by and has loyalty to a mysterious scientist, not the Post-War Administration Bureau. Type is secret.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Judgment

A souped-up version of S-Watt, S-Lord is one of the many enemies in Guilty Gear Judgment. There are three S-Lords, and all three are the fourth boss of Judgment. Several of these Judgment enemies are playable characters in Guilty Gear RoA, and both S-Lord and S-Watt are a few of them.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Judgment

A lizard-looking monster that is a common enemy in Guilty Gear Judgment, S-Watt is a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA. There are three variations of S-Watt.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Sin is another of the seven unique playable characters in playable in Guilty Gear 2: Overture. He is son of the king of Illyuria: Ky Kiske, though was left in Sol Badguy's care because of the exploitable fact of his Gear cells may be known to the public. He bears grudges towards his father for neglecting him because of his duties as a king.

Though Sin is at most 5 years old, he has the appearance of tall boy in his late teens- making it hard to notice his rash, child-like behavior. Through Sol's (a knowledgeable man in fighting himself) training Sin has grown into a very strong child- even being able to harness the power of a reddish lightning magic like his father (whose lightning is blue). Sol's teaching also included weapon fighting which even Sin is was able to pass and even now uses a flagpole as his main weapon. Sin's potential is very dangerous when it comes to life; because of his Gear genes he may one day be feared as he can be used for war purposes. Because of Sol's age, Sin usually calls him by the name Old Man.

According to the 50 Question Interview at the GG Overture Materials Collection Book, aside from fighting, the only thing Sol is able to teach Sin is to read and write.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear XX

An ancient vampire who founded the Assassins Guild, he comes out of hiding when the Guild dives into chaos after Zato's disappearance. Cultured and debonair, Slayer enjoys haiku and spends his time with his wife Sharon, another immortal. He also has a personal connection with Gabriel, the president of Zepp, but seems to be acquainted with all of the movers and shakers of the Guilty Gear universe. He has the apparent motive of either observing the cast, or warning them of being targeted by the PWAB. He seems to be connected to Gabriel in some significant way, and seems to know quite a lot about various political affairs, most notably the Post-War Administration Bureau (PWAB). He personally knows "That Man" and that character seems to hold him in high regard since he apologizes to Slayer. He also, apparently, has some connection to Sol Badguy, although this may just be a product of Sol being alive for an extended period of time.

Slayer is named after the thrash metal band of the same name. Five of his attacks are named after Queen songs (It's Late, Under Pressure, Dead on Time, Spread Your Wings, All Dead).

Sol Badguy[]

  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

A lone bounty hunter and former member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, Sol has dedicated himself to the extinction of the Gears. At over 150 years old, Sol was involved with the creation of the Gear Project, and he is in fact the prototype Gear. He fights with his sword, Fuuenken (Fireseal), with his fire magic. His real name is Frederick. In Guilty Gear XX Slash and Guilty Gear XX Λ Core, there is another version of Sol, from back in time when the Holy Wars were still raging, called Order-Sol, who fights with a much larger sword. In Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Sol is still free, but now travels with the young Sin, and sports a revamped version of FuuEnKen.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

Testament was an orphan during the Crusades, and was adopted by Kliff Undersn. When he was old enough, he desired to become a soldier in the war against Gears,and was known in the Holy Orders as the Black Knight . The Post-War Administration Bureau found him frustrated as he became mentally depressed, and offered to transform him into a Gear. He accepted, though unlike most Gears he still retained his sense of self. However, Justice turned him against humanity, and he found himself on the opposite side of the war from which he started. Testament also states that he enjoys pudding, while his profile page in the Guilty Gear Bible states that he likes potatoes (this is further evidenced in Dizzy's sidestory in Drama CD Side Black- she and Testament share a potato salad, which Dizzy bought for that specific reason).

At the end of the Tournament, Testament appeared to the winner (officially, Sol Badguy, but this varies depending on who the player was playing as), revealing that it was actually he who hosted the tournament, with the intentions of sacrificing the winner to revive Justice, saying, "All that's required is the blood of one more sacrifice!" However, he was himself defeated, and used his own blood as the sacrifice. Justice was then defeated as well.

Upon discovering that there was another Gear alive, Dizzy, Testament immediately took it upon himself to protect her in her hidden grove, fighting off everyone who came near (much like in the original Guilty Gear, Testament was fought before the "main" boss was). He did this until Dizzy decided to leave, joining Johnny and May of the Jellyfish pirates. (His Story Mode in Guilty Gear X+ has two endings, both of which are doubtful. In one, he and Dizzy decide to stay in the Grove for a thousand years until humans have forgotten about Gears; in the other, he and Dizzy decide to leave the Grove together.)

Testament arrives on the May Ship unannounced with the intentions of visiting Dizzy, only to find that she had been knocked off the ship by I-No. He curses humanity, and storms off to find her. He has three endings: in one (the least likely), he discovers that Dizzy has been killed, fights (and probably kills) Johnny, and vows to avenge Dizzy by way of the annihilation of the human race. In another, he encounters Sol, who reveals that "That Man" has returned and the Post-War Administration Bureau is on the move, he also revealed his respect for Sol as he may feel that Sol is the only one who may understand his nature aside from Dizzy. In the third, he fights I-No and then a Necro-possessed Dizzy, who recovers and tells Testament that her fall really wasn't the crew's fault, and in the end, Testament decides to become more accepting of humans - to a point.

Testament is named for the Thrash Metal band of the same name.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Valentine is one of six playable characters in the new genre of Guilty Gear: Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Valentine is the exact copy of Aria; who is indeed one form of the genocide Gear Justice. Her personality is very small and she only talks to get her motives out and nothing more. Valentine's look sports the fashion of leather and gothic accessories and also wears a unusual head-gear that resembles very long bat wings. Valentine's motives lead her to be defeated by the prototype Gear: Sol Badguy who was once in love with Aria in the past, but even through this That Man has quoted that there are more Aria copies being quickly reproduced. Her weapon of choice is a bizarre; talking balloon named Lucifero with various amplified magic abilities. Valentine also has the power to brainwash enemies and turn them into her allies (as she did to Izuna's Servants). Despite her simple attitude, Valentine appears to be very wise when it comes to strategy; as seen when, though no one noticed, Valentine sent her Servants to attack the Kingdom of Illuyria; alerting Ky Kiske and Dr. Paradigm in the fact that Ky's wife is the Key ( those born of the Gear Justice) that can open the dimension Backyard where the Cube is held. This distracted Ky and Paradigm from reaching Sin (also a Key). Valentine's true form is a fake version of a Gear as yet her looks resemble an unfinished Aria. Valentine is seen by most fans as a warm up for the not-yet-announced; next installment to Guilty Gear 2.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear X

Another orphan raised by the Assassins Guild, Venom became the devoted right hand of Zato-1 when he came to power. Once Millia began to hunt Zato and the parasite Eddie began taking more control, Venom began his quest to save his beloved master. He fights with his own style using a pool cue and billiard ball summons. Venom also seems to be an enemy of Faust, supported by one of the endings in Guilty Gear XX. Venom takes his name from the black metal band of the same name.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear Isuka

Meaning roughly "Lackey Gang" in Japanese, Zako-dan is a mysterious organization added into the console releases of Isuka. These characters seem to be around just for comic relief. Most of them can only use two out of four basic attacks, and one of them lacks the ability to jump, making these characters unpopular with all but the best of players.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear XX

Zappa is an unlucky young man, looking for a wife and writing in his diary about his new "disease" he has, which, from his point of view, consists of fainting and then waking up somewhere else, possibly with alarming wounds and fractures and no memory of how he got there. Like Axl in the previous game, he seeks the "Dark Doctor" Faust to cure his paranormal ailment. When entering a battle, he is unconscious, with S-Ko and the other ghosts having control of his actions. These ghosts consist of three giant centipedes, several will-o-wisp-like apparitions that manipulate a broken sword, three gray ghosts, a dark chihuahua-like dog, and a manifestation of lightning called Raou. With the exception of S-Ko (who seems to inflict the most pain to Zappa), Raou and the other apparitions seem to try their best to comfort him when he's depressed or in pain, indicating a degree of loyalty to their host. S-Ko's relationship with him still remains a mystery.

In his search for Faust, Zappa encounters several people, most of which he ends up fighting involuntarily, and later finding them unconscious. In one ending, he meets up with Ky Kiske, who arrests him for assaulting an officer (the officer being Ky himself). In his other two endings, he actually finds Faust and fights him (once again involuntarily). In one ending he defeats Faust, and then, after regaining consciousness, sees Faust injured and unconscious. At this point, it is suggested that S-Ko assumes more control over Zappa. In another ending, Zappa loses the fight with Faust, and Faust gives his diagnosis: this disease cannot be cured! He then suggests that Zappa isolates himself until a cure is found.

Zappa gains more insight to his illness in Accent Core Plus. Picking up on the route where he's been jailed (making path C from XX canon), Zappa is mistakenly freed when Faust opens up a door into his cell and disrupts S-Ko. After the usual random encounters, the path splits whether or not the player chooses to return a broken Robo-Ky. Choosing to ignore him, Zappa wanders about until he encounters Slayer, whom tries to directly address S-Ko. Slayer says he is returning to where 'people of darkness' belong, and offers to take S-Ko with him. S-Ko refuses to leave without Zappa. This ending makes Zappa the only human in an alternate world with only monsters. If the player chooses to return Robo-Ky, this path Zappa encounters Faust once again, who knocks him out with aid from Johnny. Upon waking, Faust announces that S-Ko has been exorcised. Zappa laters admits to having known someone was with him all along and feels lonely. He asks that the girl return to him only to have a window in his house shatter open, S-Ko crawling through it in physical form. In one of Faust's endings, Faust claims to have cured Zappa by correcting the thing that attracted S-Ko, his face. The ending shows him with a very abstractly drawn face.

He is named after guitar legend Frank Zappa.


  • First Appearance: Guilty Gear

A Spanish member of the powerful Assassins Guild, Zato-1 allowed himself to become the host of a symbiotic creature named Eddie (a possible reference to Marvel Comics' Venom or Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie) in exchange for his sight. Because of this, Zato-1 was able to take control of his shadow, and use it as a weapon to gain great power. With this power, he made himself leader of the Assassins Guild. However, as his body weakened, Eddie was able to take more and more control until Zato-1's death at the hands of Millia Rage. Zato was "killed off" after the death of his seiyuu Kaneto Shiozawa. Zato despises all women, due to past connections with Millia Rage. His name is likely a reference to Zatoichi, the blind swordsman/assassin ("1" being "ichi" in Japanese).

Non-Playable Characters[]


A mysterious, unseen character who That Man refers to during Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Little is known about her, however she is at least an acquaintance to both Sol and That Man, and the character Valentine is stated as being a copy of her.


A member of the Post-War Administration Bureau, he appears only in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, where he mostly acts by having the player fight random clones of Justice before disappearing soon afterwards.


Mentor of Potemkin, Gabriel lead the revolt against the leaders of the floating continent of Zepp and was elected its president shortly afterwards. His voice actor is Ayutani Osamu.


A dark king of the underworld, Inus is the fifth boss of Guilty Gear Judgment. Split into skeletal sections (two of them resembling skulls), he devours Raymond just before attacking the player character. After whatever character the player is controlling defeats Inus, he is subsequently killed, allowing Raymond to absorb his power to become Judgment. However, since Inus wished to remain dead, Judgment was consumed after he was defeated.

Jellyfish Air Pirates[]

Johnny's all-female pirate crew, who travel with him on the May Ship. The members include eleven girls, one older woman, and a cat. There are several playable characters from the Jellyfish Pirates in the games; namely May, Dizzy and Johnny himself. Most of the members of the Jellyfish crew are orphaned girls adopted by Johnny, but there are exceptions; he took in Dizzy for her protection (and seclusion) from the larger world, and in one ending of Guilty Gear XX allows Bridget to live on the ship (although he is not officially a Jellyfish Pirate) when he has nowhere else to go.

The original members of the Jellyfish Pirates—many of whom appear on the deck of the May Ship and in the animation of May's instant kill attack—are named for months of the year:

  • Janis (January), a black cat with a shaggy white forelock.
  • Febby (February), the record-keeper, is a tall busty blonde.
  • March (March) is the pink-haired baby girl with the stuffed penguin. She often trips on her oversized clothing.
  • April (April) pilots the ship. She is May's best friend and is the only Jellyfish Pirate (aside from Johnny, May, and Dizzy) to have a speaking role in Guilty Gear XX's Story Mode. Her seiyuu is Ogawa Yumiko, who also provides the voice of Justice until Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, where along with Justice her seiyuu becomes Sakuraha Wakana.
  • May (May) is one of the crew's most capable fighters. The May Ship is named after her.
  • June (June), the navigator, has lavender pigtails and holds a sextant. She seems younger than her crewmates.
  • July (July) has an eyepatch and wields a sword. She is said to be the fourth strongest fighter on board, after Dizzy, Johnny, and May.
  • Augus (August) is another fighter. She has a dark complexion and is known to be fast.
  • Sephy (September) has long brown hair and a gentle expression. She can be seen swabbing the deck.
  • Octy (October) appears to be the crew's lookout, although her eyes are hidden behind her bangs.
  • Novel (November), who rides a large red mecha, is probably the ship's mechanic.
  • Leap (Leap Year), an enormous woman with white hair, is the ship's cook. She wears a white chef's hat and apron.

As of Guilty Gear XX, there is one new addition to the crew:

  • Dizzy (December) is a young Gear who was the subject of a $500,000 bounty-hunt in Guilty Gear X. Johnny helped fake her death and made her a Jellyfish Pirate for her own protection.


Valentine's balloon partner, who often accompanies her during her quest for both "The Key" and "The Cube". He is used by her as her weapon whenever she fights. He can also help her get around when he flies around while she holds onto him. His name is a play on "Lucifer".

Mare Hound[]

The Mare Hound is a wolf/horse hybrid capable of becoming entirely ablaze that is the third boss of Guilty Gear Judgment. It chases after the player in Stage 3-4.


Axl's girlfriend from the 20th century.


Noel is the second boss of Guilty Gear Judgment, a Dryad/fairy hybrid who commands plants and flora to attack. The name of Noel Vermillion of BlazBlue fame was probably inspired by this boss.


A.B.A's partner and lover. Paracelsus plays a major role in A.B.A's life.

Post-War Administration Bureau[]

The Post-War Administration Bureau (終戦管理局 Shūsen Kanrikyoku?) (or P.W.A.B.) is a fictional secret society in the Guilty Gear fighting game series, making its first appearance in Guilty Gear XX. It is the organization that created Robo-Ky, and changed Testament into a Gear.

The organization was founded during the war between humans and Gears; as its name implies, it was intended to manage the affairs of the human race once the war was over. However, the war's end saw no need for them, and it was supposed to have been disbanded. Instead, they merely retreated to the shadows.

The group demonstrably has access to relatively advanced technology, as it created Robo-Ky. However, its members can also use magic; an unidentified member of the group used a crystal ball to observe Jam Kuradoberi in one of her endings.

The purpose of the organization has apparently shifted entirely to maintaining its own power and influence, as well as its own secrecy, and its members are willing to go to any lengths to do so, evidently lacking any ethics in how they go about this. Its interest in each character seems focused on whether they should be manipulated, killed, captured, or studied, and each characters' Story Mode begins with the P.W.A.B.'s profile for that character, accompanied with a "risk rating" that apparently denotes how dangerous they are to the organization. Robo-Ky was created both to impersonate Ky Kiske and as an equalizer should they decide that direct confrontation is necessary.


First appearing in Guilty Gear Judgment, Raymond is a powerful sorcerer and scientist who is responsible for taking over Eastern European kingdom of Villtania. Since then, he caused devastation and conducted unholy experiments. In the end, Raymond is devoured by the dark king Inus, only to absorb his power and therefore became Judgment after Inus is killed.


One of three servants to That Man. Little is known of him, but he does share some sort of connection with Axl Low which That Man describes as being "parallel existences" of each other. In the Guilty Gear novel "Lightning the Argent", Raven shows unusual battle prowess by essentially ignoring Sol's fire attacks, via regeneration, and beating Faust in an interdimensional battle. Raven is also present in several endings in Guilty Gear XX, in which one he is noted as the parallel existence of Axl Low. His voice actor is Yasumoto Hiroki.

Raven appears as a boss in Guilty Gear 2: Overture, in which Sol refers to him as "the Undying Disease, Raven", because of his ability to regenerate from any wound. Raven's clothing is notably different in Overture, in which he wears a wing-like mantle, and a steel mask with a single gold coin over his left eye (in the Greek tradition of placing coins over the eyes of the dead, indicating that he is "half-dead"). In battle, he surrounds himself in green flames and fights using needles which are capable of stunning opponents and creating "Slow Fields", along with a variety of abilities including teleportation and dispersing into a cloud of feathers and attacking ravens.Raven becomes a playable character through the means of downloading from Xbox Live.He shares the same servants as Valentine.


Bridget's mechanical and sentient teddy bear, Roger helps Bridget in his fights by punching and cutting up the opponent should they get in his way.


Wife and constant companion of Slayer. While not a vampire, she is immortal and apparently cannot be killed, even to the point where Slayer can completely drain her of blood with no ill effect, I-No says in one of Eddie's endings that nothing sticks to her, virus nor parasite, and when Eddie tries to take over her body, he melts. She wasn't ever seen to speak in the Guilty Gear series.


A vengeful spirit that has possessed Zappa, and is quite possibly the most powerful one occupying his body; there's indication that she is in love with Zappa and refuses to be apart from him. It's also indicated that the other ghosts in Zappa's body fear her.

In both appearance and name, S-Ko is homage to Sadako from the Ringu series. It's also hinted that S-Ko is the spirit of Axl's deceased love Megumi in one of his endings.


A character from the novel Lightning the Argent. Solaria is a full-blooded Gear created by the Blackard Company. She was used by the company to awaken and control the world's dormant Gears as their weapons. She was later rescued by Ky Kiske where she now lives freely under the protection of the International Police Force.

Erica Bartholomew[]

The President of the United States in the current Guilty Gear timeline and from the novel The Butterfly and Her Gale. An orphan, she is a child prodigy who became President at the age of 17. Chipp decided to become her bodyguard after the Assassin Syndicate tried to kill her. The reason for the attempt on her life is because the US had been under the influence and corruption of the Syndicate for many years. One of Erica's goals was to rid the US of their influence by forming an alliance with President Gabriel of Zepp since his nation was the most highly technological and powerful nation in the world. Despite attempts by the syndicate to frame each nation of an assassination attempt on their leaders, blackmailing the Senate and kidnapping her guardian and caretaker of her orphanage, the alliance was finally made thanks to the help of Chipp.


Chipp's Sensei and the man who changed his life. Tsuyoshi was a ninja master who saved Chipp when he was about to be killed by the mafia. It was his tutelage that changed Chipp from a drug addict to the man he is now. He was killed by the Assassin Syndicate before the events of Guilty Gear. The novel The Butterfly and her Gale reveals he was killed because he was an undercover agent of the International Police Force who infiltrated the Syndicate until they found out about his true identity.


A member of the Assassin Syndicate from the novel The Butterfly and her Gale. He is the man responsible for the death of Tsuyoshi. In the novel he & the Syndicate tries to prevent President Erica from forming the US/Zepp alliance in anyway and even he himself was responsible for kidnapping her guardian. Ironically, his plans were thwarted by Tsuyoshi student, Chipp. For his failure to kill Erica, Chipp and stopping the alliance, he was killed by Venom personally.

That Man[]

That Man, known as Ano Otoko (あの男?) in Japanese, is a major figure in the fictional history of the Guilty Gear games. He is not playable, nor does he ever directly fight anyone, but appears in several story sequences; his face is apparently in shadow and never seen completely (although in one of Anji Mito's endings in Guilty Gear XX his hand is revealed to be a glowing blue color). He appears to be directly involved in the Gear Project, and although he is responsible for the Holy Wars that have plagued the world since, he appears apologetic and full of remorse.

In the series, his existence is first revealed in Guilty Gear in Sol Badguy's ending—it is mentioned by both Sol and Justice that an unnamed third man was involved in the creation of the race of magical bioweapon known as Gears. Ky Kiske's ending also references him, and is likely the source of his title, as Justice's dying words are "Even though I may die, the Gears shall not, as long as That Man still lives..." His first direct appearance is, again, in one of Sol's endings in Guilty Gear X Plus, in which he makes a cryptic comment about Dizzy being "a daughter" (evidently of Justice). He is in Guilty Gear XX once referred to as "The Gearmaker" which clearly suggests that he is the original creator of all Gears. Several characters in GGX also express an interest in meeting him, for various reasons.

He is pursued by several people who feel he is responsible for the current state of affairs: his most notable pursuer is Baiken, who blames him for the destruction of Japan in the Holy Wars; Sol Badguy is intent on killing him for an unknown reason as well; Axl Low believes That Man knows the reason for his timeslips; Anji Mito wants to find him apparently out of sheer curiosity.

That Man appears in nearly every characters' endings of Guilty Gear XX at some point or other; his purpose appears mainly as a deus ex machina, since his purpose is largely to capture I-No or clean up the various messes she's made—she believed that most of the characters were a threat to his power, and attempted to harm or neutralize them, but he states several times that they are actually in accordance with his goals. These goals remain unclear as of yet. In a few endings, he alludes to possible future events, such as one of Sol Badguy's ending, in which he claims that "Frederick" will be needed later. "Frederick" is the real name of Sol Badguy.

That Man may have some fighting ability. Baiken and Sol Badguy unsuccessfully attempt to strike him down in two different story mode scenarios. He is able to halt I-No's rampage and seal her away inside a large bubble in one of her story modes. In Guilty Gear 2: Overture, he appears as a boss character. However, he often relies on the powers of his servants instead. Despite this lack of direct combat, Sol still feels the need to completely transform into his Gear state (which is the first time in the series his Gear form is completely revealed; it resembles a red dragon with fiery wings and horns, and an exoskeleton similar to that of a crustacean) to fight him. At the end of Guilty Gear 2: Overture, he is seen after the credits in discussion with Raven over how Sol's ability to use Dragon Install could save the world from an imminent threat (possibly the threat he referred to in Sol's ending in Guilty Gear XX). While having a masculine voice in the X and XX series, his voice and appearance are very feminine in Overture possibly because he had stated in the cutscene before his boss battle with Sol that he is slowly reversing his age.

Appearance summary[]

Game/Character Guilty Gear Guilty Gear X Guilty Gear XX Isuka Judgment
A.B.A Yes
Anji Mito Yes
Ansect Yes
Axl Low Yes Yes
Baiken Yes Yes
Bridget Yes
Chipp Zanuff Yes Yes
Dizzy Yes Yes
Eddie C
Faust/Dr. Baldhead Yes Yes
Goose Yes
I-No Yes
Johnny Yes
Judgment Yes
Jam Kuradoberi Yes
Justice Yes
Kliff Undersn Yes
Ky Kiske Yes Yes
Leopaldon Yes
May Yes Yes
Millia Rage Yes Yes
Potemkin Yes Yes
Ra-Ki Yes
Robo-Ky Yes
S-Lord Yes
S-Watt Yes
Slayer Yes
Sol Badguy Yes Yes
Testament Yes Yes Yes
Venom Yes
Zako-dan Yes
Zappa Yes
Zato-1 Yes Yes


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