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The following table contains 13 known video games exclusive to the "New" Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds: the New Nintendo 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS XL, and the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Games on this list will not run on the original 3DS hardware family, due to needing the improved hardware of the "New" line.

This list does not contain Super Nintendo Entertain System 3DS Virtual Console games, which also require "New" 3DS Family Hardware to run.

This should not be confused with List of Nintendo 3DS-exclusive video games, which lists games that only came out for the 3DS platform vs. 3DS games that can only run on "New" 3DS hardware.

This list should also not be confused with games enhanced for New Nintendo 3DS systems, which can play on original 3DS hardware, but have added benefits for "New" 3DS hardware.

Title Notes
Binding of Isaac, The: Rebirth
Dragon Fang Z: Ryuusha Rose to Yadorigi no Meikyuu
Fire Emblem Warriors
forma.8 eShop only.
Futuridum EP Deluxe
Lifespeed eShop only.
Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition
Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection, The
Pixel Hunter
Runbow Pocket
Silver Falls: 3 Down Stars eShop only.
Wind-Up Knight 2
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D