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This is a list of characters in the PlayStation RPG Wild Arms 2. Those listed are those who are in some way relevant to the primary plot. They are broken down into three main categories (the three "factions" in the game): ARMS, a small military group formed by the three countries of Filgaia and the game's main protagonists; Odessa, a terrorist organization and the game's main antagonists; and the various other characters that make appearances throughout the game.

ARMS[edit | edit source]

ARMS(which stands for "Agile Remote Mission Squad", "Awkward Rush & Mission Savers" in the original Japanese version of the game) is a personal army formed early in the game by Irving Vold Valeria to counteract the threat of Odessa. Their base is located at Irving's home, the Valeria Chateau.

The Valeria Chateau[edit | edit source]

The Valeria Chateau is ARMS' main base of operations over the course of Wild Arms 2 and is Irving and Altecia's cliff-top home. It uses the power of the "EMMA motor" to turn into a flying fortress which ARMS uses as a method of transportation during the first part of the game. "EMMA" is an allusion to the character of the same name in the first Wild Arms game who maintains the party's flying machine, but EMMA is purely an acronym in Wild Arms 2 and not a character.

Ashley Winchester[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Gun Warrior
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Birthplace: Town of Meria
  • Weapon: Bayonet

Ashley is the protagonist of Wild Arms 2. Ashley struggles with many different issues along the course of the game, mostly due to him being possessed by Lord Blazer, one of the main antagonists of the story. Ashley is a soldier in Meria Boule's army, one of the three nations of Filgaia. After the unit he was reassigned to is used as the subjects in a demon summoning experiment early in the game, Ashley was the lone survivor of the squad, made human again after destroying his demon-mutated comrades and by making contact with the Argetlahm (the sword the Sword Magess Anastasia used to defeat Lord Blazer before the start of the game's story). After this incident, Lord Blazer dwells within him for most of the game, barely withheld by Ashley, until the final confrontation with him after the defeat of what is seemingly the final boss. Ashley also struggles with many other issues within the course of the game, the most notable of which being the definition of what a "hero" really is.

Ashley's character is a simple one commonly found in a lot of Japanese role-playing game protagonists. He's portrayed as kind individual who strives for peace in the world that grew up in a peaceful town working at a bakery with his to-be love interest, Marina. In battle, Ashley plays as the most balanced character between speed, offense and defense and is one of two characters who uses an ARM, or gun, in the form of an over-sized bayonet. What mainly separates Ashley as a playable character is his ability to transform into Knight Blazer under certain conditions. This power-up changes the battle background music and makes Ashley a much more powerful tool to use against the game's enemies, granting him numerous new abilities and a new appearance as a black and red knight.

The character Janus Cascade in Wild Arms 3 is based on Ashley, sharing a similar appearance, weapon and attacks in battle.

Brad Evans[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Prisoner No. 666
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6' 6"
  • Birthplace: Slayheim
  • Weapon: Might Glove

Brad is one of the more complex characters on the whole in Wild Arms 2. A military genius in a war ten years prior to the story, he was later hunted as a criminal due to events beyond his control. He also seems to have a connection to the sinister Odessa organization that is the main source of grief throughout the game. His truly noble intentions are not proven until later in the game where he reveals himself after being presumed dead with an impressive show of firepower against Odessa's forces, saving the player's party in the process.

Brad as a character is a silent, gruff and serious-looking one. His only known living friend from his days as a soldier is Billy, now mentally handicapped and bound to a wheelchair. In a constant state of regret, Brad's character struggles to move on and accept new people into his life. As a character in battle, Brad is the "tank" archetype found in a lot of Japanese role-playing games. He has a very high damage threshold to enemy attacks due to his high defense and hit points and can withstand lots of circumstances other party members can not. Brad's damage output is second only to Ashley's Knight Blazer form, however he is the slowest party member in the game. Brad is also the second ARM user in the game, but uses heavy explosives such as bazookas and rocket launchers instead of bullet cartridges like Ashley.

Particularly among gamers in the United States, Brad Evans is believed by some to be gay, and is even considered a minor gay icon among gay gamers. However, the quality of the game's English localization is not high (mistranslations of proper names or cultural contexts are abundant), and according to the Japanese version, Brad's sexuality is not confirmed either way. Among most players who have come to regard Brad as gay, the impressions have been shaped largely from the common wisdom of the audience and from a handful of scenes that suggest a very intimate emotional attachment between Brad and Billy. While Brad may or may not actually be gay, the facts notwithstanding are ultimately inconclusive. The reasons people believe Brad to be gay can easily be misinterpreted. Billy is Brad's only friend left alive, and more importantly was an old war buddy that saved his life at least once. The Justine scene is also used by believers that he was gay but it should be remembered Justine stands for Courage and was most likely awakened because of Billy's courage to sacrifice himself for his squad.

It may be possible that Brad and Billy have switched identities. Brad is the only character who is not first identified directly, but rather by an ID card that he dropped. During the course of the game his identity as the "Hero of Slayheim" is called into question many times, most notably when Kannon tells ARMS that "the true hero of Slayheim was left-handed" which is contrary to Brad using his weapon with his right hand. It becomes evident from Brad's flashbacks that Billy was the true hero of Slayheim and most likely Brad's guilt actually stems from having simply never corrected anyone's assumption of his identity and that his role as a "Hero of Slayheim" and all that it entails is a lie. In this light, the Justine scene may simply be Billy and Brad accepting that at this point, who the true hero is isn't as important as what needs to be done to save the world.[citation needed]

Lilka Eleniak[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Crest Sorceress
  • Age: 14
  • Height: 5'
  • Birthplace: Sielje Region
  • Weapon: Umbrella

Lilka, a Crest Sorceress in training, is one of the less serious characters in Wild Arms 2. Aside from a few scenes involving her sister, her character is largely carefree and humorous, and thus her mood determines the mood of the party. She is among the first two characters to join Ashley in the group ARMS, and remains in the party for longer than any other character in the game, thus lending perhaps the most support to the group in times of need.

As mentioned above, Lilka's character is bubbly and very non-serious. Her past, as revealed over the course of the game is quite sad however. Lilka suffers from a severe inferiority complex to her dead sister, who was a very talented magician and subsequently her main story in Wild Arms 2 is overcoming this feature and accepting herself as an individual. As a character in battle, Lilka is very balanced and versatile. She has the highest magical damage output and the second-highest speed, these factors coupled with a wide array of abilities obtainable in the game give her the advantage of being able to heal party members and damage enemies competently.

Tim Rhymeless[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Zoa Priest
  • Age: 12
  • Height: 5'
  • Birthplace: Baskar Village
  • Weapon: Staff

Tim is a young summoner and mediator of Guardians. Tim is a Baskar, a recurring group of people in the Wild Arms series that communicate with nature and Guardians who live in remote villages around Filgaia. Although he does provide a useful means for the other characters to communicate with the Guardians upon their journey, he has little impact on the plot by himself.

As a character, Tim is young and quiet. Prior to the game's story, at a very young age Tim's mother fled the Baskar village because Tim was to be chosen as a "Pillar", or human sacrifice, once he grew up. He proceeded to grow up in Meria Boule, befriending Tony, Scott and Ashley. Tim's romantic interest in the game is Colette, the other "Pillar" of Baskar. Tim eventually joins the party because he didn't want Colette or himself to die, instead opting to help save Filgaia while alive. Tim's best friend is Pooka, a small, floating creature who is the tool with which Tim summons the Guardians.

Tim's main feature in battle is his summoning ability. Mediums can only be summoned into battle by him or other characters if he's an active party member. Stat-wise Tim has the highest magic abilities in the game, but slow speed, attack and defense. Tim possesses unique skills as opposed to other characters. Instead of learning skills by finding them, he learns skills by equipping mediums and defeating enemies with them equipped. After defeating a certain number of enemies with that medium equipped, he gains a permanent skill that remains even if you equip another medium.

Kanon[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Bounty Hunter
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Weapon: Dagger

Kanon (real name: Aisha Bernadette) yearns to fulfill her destiny as a descendant of the Sword Magess of old, she replaces most of her body with bionic implants in order to vastly increase her body's capability. However, this is only her surface explanation. The real reason she chose this body is because her mother and sister were killed when their home town was destroyed. She received bionic implants in order to be able to fight those who would seek to perpetrate evil in the world.

Kanon's true power lies in her speed. Though her attacks aren't as strong as Ashley's Knight Blazer abilities, nor as strong as Brad's pure physical hits, she has the highest RES (Speed) rating in the game, and thus, the highest PRY (Evasion) rate. Her ability to act first in battle and avoid taking the majority of physical damage allow for her to dispatch random enemies quickly and efficiently.

She also makes an appearance in Wild Arms: Twilight Venom in episode 17, though she is portrayed very differently, being fully flesh and blood and having a much more upbeat personality.

Marivel Armitage[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Crimson Noble
  • Age: Unknown; Very old
  • Height: 4'9"
  • Birthplace: Crimson Castle
  • Weapon: Hob&Nob (A pair of small robots)

Marivel (originally Mariabelle in the Japanese version, probably shortened because of name length constraints) is an optional character, and hence she is not important to the storyline other than times she speaks at points in the plot. It is eventually learned that Marivel was friends with Anastasia in the past and thus the only human she respected. Marivel generally has a negative opinion of humans and spends a lot of her time contemplating why humans struggle so much against overwhelming odds (in reality, she is very lonely due to being the last Crimson Noble on Filgaia). If you venture to the optional dungeon Crimson Castle in disc 2, you can recruit Marivel for your team. Her tools are primarily used in order to unlock secret items, enemies, and locations. Note that Marivel also makes an appearance in Wild Arms 3, albeit in non-playable form.

Marivel uses a magic style similar to Blue Magic in the Final Fantasy series. This style is called Red Power. If she uses her Skill Drain ability on an enemy, she may or may not learn its skill (a certain amount of accuracy is involved, dependent upon her Luck stat). This allows her to have a wider variety of skills than any other character. Her Force Powers are all machine-based power strikes on all opponents.

Irving Vold Valeria[edit | edit source]

Commander in chief of ARMS. He was once a talented swordsman, as well as a formidable sorcerer, before his right leg was crippled by the magical backlash from a spell cast on Argetlahm in his attempt to remove the Guardian Blade from its pedestal. As heir to the Valeria house, and thus a direct descendant of the Sword Magess, he sought out the Guardian Blade in the hope of becoming a hero. His ultimate goal in reforming ARMS is to create a task force capable of saving Filgaia from the impending global threats that face it. He was aware for a long time that a parallel universe was eating away at the life force of Filgaia and slowly destroying the world.

It is revealed throughout the course of the game that he secretly created and funded Odessa, the terrorist organization and main antagonists in the first half of the game. He created them to make a common threat to all 3 of the nations of Filgaia and to unite them together. By doing this he felt they would work together to defeat Odessa and then work together to defeat the greater threat, the threat of the Encroaching Parallel Universe. At the end of the game, he and his sister sacrifice their lives to help save Filgaia from being destroyed.

Altaecia Rune Valeria[edit | edit source]

Irving's twin sister, main chef of ARMS. Altaecia is strongly loving and loyal to Irving. She has long supported Irving with his actions of creating ARMS, funding Odessa, and uniting all 3 of the Nations of Filgaia together to defeat a common cause.

At the end of the game, she too disappears with Irving only to be later found along with her brother. She too sacrifices her life with Irving to help defeat the Encroaching Parallel Universe.

Amy Fairchild and Kate Lindberg[edit | edit source]

A pair of telepaths and the main radio operators of ARMS who give the player's party updates on missions and story events. Amy is childish and ditzy while Kate is almost always calm, with breaks in her mood arising only when Amy annoys her.

Other Members[edit | edit source]

There are a number of other named NPCs that play smaller roles aboard the Valeria Chateau.

  • Erwin: The helmsman of the Chateau that stands at the main controls while the player isn't piloting.
  • Linda and Momo: The two resident nurses of the Valeria Chateau. Linda is constantly timid and afraid of messing up because she's new at her job, while Momo is experienced and seemingly evil, often confusing poisons with medicines.
  • Gabacho and Ebecho: A pair of mechanics who maintain the Chateau's EMMA motor, which it uses to fly. Gabacho is possibly named after Gun Gabacho, a wild-west-themed arcade shooting game.

Odessa[edit | edit source]

Odessa is a terrorist organization led by Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus that serves as the first main antagonist of Wild Arms 2. It was formed to instate a new world order, replacing the old and inefficient one that was currently active. The organization is composed of Vinsfeld himself, his four direct subordinates called The Cocytus, and hundreds or possibly thousands of freed prison inmates and demons conjured up by Caina, one of the Cocytus. There are also two scientists working for them, Liz and Ard.

The true purpose of Odessa (unknown to the majority of the organization, including Vinsfeld himself) was to prepare Filgaia for the threat of the Encroaching Parallel Universe, the main antagonist of the latter part of the game. Irving Vold Valeria, founder of ARMS, also was the main source of funds for Odessa. When he discovered the Encroaching Parallel Universe that was going to absorb Filgaia, he formed Odessa for the purpose of making a common enemy among the world's nations, forcing them to unite and form bonds so that they would be prepared to destroy bigger enemies in the future.

Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus[edit | edit source]

  • Age: 49
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 187 cm

Described as a charismatic leader, he can easily persuade others to follow and organize with him. Leader of the Slayheim Liberation Army, he organized the random small factions into one powerful fighting force. He disappeared before the final confrontation, thus avoiding any and all blame that would be associated with the Liberation Army's victory. Later organized the terrorist organization Odessa in an attempt to wrest control over the entire world of Filgaia. Driven to despair and insanity by the loss of his love Antenora. Wielder of the sword Mad Mountains. His experiment to rule Filgaia failed and he died, melting after the second battle with him. After his defeat, his sword rested in the ruins of Heimdal Gazzo. When the player examines this sword, the ghost of Vinsfield appears as an optional boss.


The Cocytus is made up of the four most high ranking "generals" of Odessa, those who answer to and take commands only from Vinsfeld. The name derives from Cocytus, the ninth and lowest level Hell for traitorous people or people who have committed acts of complex fraud, which is divided into four sections: Caina, Antenora, Ptolomea and Judecca. The four members of Cocytus are named after these sections. When they die, their bodies vaporize and they can teleport from place to place instantly hinting that they are not fully human.

Caina[edit | edit source]

  • Age: 21
  • Sex: Male, female in the American version.
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to blood relatives

One of Odessa's sources of monsters, and manipulator of Randolf the Magic Key, a large magical key that has the power to open portals to other dimensions, summon demons and cast spells. He is responsible for the Demon Summoning at the start of the game. A true sympathizer with Vinsfeld's ideals, he follows Vinsfeld almost blindly. Although not outright stated within the game itself, evidence suggests that Caina had fallen in love with Vinsfeld, something that tormented him when Vinsfeld perished, eventually driving him to exact an equal torment on Ashley Winchester. Aside from his activities within Cocytus, little else is known about Caina. He is the only member of the Cocytus to survive beyond his tower and into the second disc, although he was thought dead as when he was defeated in his tower, he invoked Randolph to heal him, but the key opened a dimensional rift, pulling Caina in as he screamed.

His gender was changed in the American version of the game probably due to his homosexuality and very female-looking character design.

Antenora[edit | edit source]

  • Age: 24
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to country

The strategist and assassin of Odessa's Cocytus. Years ago, during the Slayheim Liberation War, her family (whose last name was revealed to be Victoria) was killed for having ties with the Slayheim Royal Family. She managed to survive, however, and has since hated Vinsfeld with a passion. Deeming herself unable to kill him herself, however, she instead opted to join him in his crusade for world domination, and did everything in her power to make Vinsfeld fall in love with her.

When the ARMS fought and killed her, she declared a completion to the revenge she had planned for so long: by having the ARMS kill her, Vinsfeld was robbed of the one thing he wanted the most. Perhaps due to her true "allegiance", Antenora hates needless killing. She wields deadly threads in battle, attaching them to her enemies and firing powerful energy along them.

Ptolomea[edit | edit source]

  • Age: 34
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 206 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to guests

Ptolomea is a large muscular, scarred man and Odessa's troop leader. Relatively easy-going and humorous, spouting lines such as "We're the Odessa Special Forces group, Ptolomea and his Fun Friends!" Though a follower of Vinsfeld, his true loyalty lies in protecting his men, leading to popularity among his subordinates. This leads him to plead leniency for his men, and he eventually requests that ARMS stop Vinsfeld, viewing him as a madman, not a leader. Relatively little is was revealed about Ptolomea about his activities outside Odessa. Ptolomea has his name carved in kanji across his chest. He uses a giant, three-bladed, windmill-like claw as a weapon.

Judecca[edit | edit source]

  • Age: 31
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to masters

Judecca is an ARM-wielding sadist who is potentially psychotic. He is Odessa's hitman and an expert marksman who is willing to handle any and all dirty work Vinsfeld throws his way. He has little respect for humans, viewing them as nothing but toys to be played with and eventually broken. Not one with any scruples, he has no problem in destroying ruins to trap characters, but also challenging them to one-on-one duels. When confronted about his callous and cruel methods upon his defeat, he committed suicide, shooting himself and falling from the tower. Judecca is almost certainly insane, made evident by his being able to act without any inhibitions, having intentions to crucify Lilka and Brad and shooting the warden of Illsveil dead for no reason.

Judecca also makes an appearance in the anime Wild Arms: Twilight Venom in episode 15.

Liz and Ard[edit | edit source]

Known as Toka and Ge in the Japanese release. They are similar to Zed from the first game, providing much of the comic relief. The duo are the only known scientists at Odessa. They are humanoid lizards apparently from a different planet. In the American release of Wild Arms 2 Liz's manner of speaking during conversations is almost incomprehensible due to the direct translation of his poetic speaking in the original version of the game. Much of what he says is taken from Japanese references. They pretended to be the ARMS' allies, but betrayed them, fighting and losing.

Liz is a somewhat brilliant scientist with the only goal of building the perfect killing machine. Liz is known to wax philosophical and spout almost nonsensical poetry at random intervals. Ard is Liz's sidekick of sorts, who can only speak one word: "Ard". Liz can, however, translate a whole string of Ards into a coherent sentence. Whether these translations are accurate or not is debatable. He is very large and much more physically powerful than his gecko-like partner.

Both Liz and Ard make an appearance in Wild Arms: Twilight Venom as models in a monster museum in Episode 11.

Other characters[edit | edit source]

Anastasia Valeria[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Sword Saint
  • Age: 16 years old when she died, 1000 years before the events of Wild Arms 2
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Weapon: Argetlahm

Anastasia is the Sword Magess who banished Lord Blazer behind a black hole, giving her life in the process. She explains in Disc 2 that because she is remembered, her consciousness has endured beyond her death.

Anastasia can only be used for a short time in the game and has no Tools like other characters. In battle, most of her attacks seem to be centered around healing HP and adverse effects, though her stats make her a very able physical fighter. Her original power is "Argetlahm", which makes use of the legendary sword "Argetlahm".

Anastasia is also mentioned in Wild Arms 3, in the same respect that Marivel is, both appear in a sidequest where a story is read to a child.

In addition, Jet Enduro's ARM in Wild Arms 3 is named after the sword Anastasia wields, but altered to read off as "Airget-lamh", likely an attempt to be more faithful to the source of the name (the Japanese often write Airgetlám as Airget-lamh). However, Anastasia's and Jet's weapon names were spelled the same in the Japanese version.

Lucied[edit | edit source]

  • Class: Guardian
  • Age: Unknown; as old as the planet itself
  • Weapon: Fangs

Lucied is the Guardian of Desire in the form of a blue wolf and Anastasia's faithful companion.

Lucied, like Anastasia, is only usable for a short time and has no Tools. In battles he is the fastest character in the game and is pretty sturdy stat-wise. Lucied's techniques are all centered around doing damage, very quickly. His original power is called "Ruination".

Lucied becomes a usable guardian in Wild Arms 3 in the medium "Lust Jaw".

Lucied also appears in Wild Arms as the companion of a demon hunter named Boomerang, and is female in that game, indicated by use of "her".

Royalty[edit | edit source]

The three nations of the world, Meria Boule, Sylvaland and Guild Galad are led by three leaders, King Meria, Queen Sylvaland and Guild Galad Master, respectively. The Guild Galad Master also has a son named Noel.

Marina Irington[edit | edit source]

Ashley's childhood friend back in his home town and love interest.

Tony Stark[edit | edit source]

A boy from Ashley's home town of Meria Boule who is rescued in the first mission of Wild Arms 2. Young and hot-headed he is perpetually getting himself in trouble. Early in the game Tony establishes and makes himself leader of "Junior ARMS", named after the organization Ashley is in. Tony is best friends with Tim and Scott. His color palette and name are a reference to the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

He seems to be interested in the only living Crimson Noble, Marivel Armitage.

Scott Summers[edit | edit source]

Tim and Tony's best friend, Scott is a shy and caring boy who is sometimes unsure of himself and the problems that comes his way. He lives with Tim and Tony in the town of Meria. More rational and quick-thinking than either of his friends, Scott is the brains behind "Junior ARMS". His color palette and name are a reference to the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Scott frequently begins his comments with "In my humble opinion...".

Billy Pilder[edit | edit source]

Member of the Slayheim Liberation Army who was crippled during the final assault on Slayheim Castle. Brad's dearest friend.

Merrill and Rassyu[edit | edit source]

Rassyu is a dog Brad finds while escaping Green Hell early in the game. Merrill is a girl living in T'Bok Village, a poor village. When Brad is arrested in T'Bok, Rassyu is left in Merrill's care. Billy reaches T'Bok later, and Merrill and the other townspeople look after him. Rassyu (ラッシュ) seems to be an altered localization of the original name Rush or Rash.

Sis[edit | edit source]

Lilka's elder sister who was killed in an accident. "Sis" may or may not be her real name. She was dubbed the 'Eleniak Witch Girl', and was an impressive magician, and possibly superior at every aspect of any skill than Lilka, thus fueling her complex. Her voice is heard numerous times by Lilka, and possibly has some form of a mental connection with her sister, even in death, possibly due to her greater magic ability.

Colette Mapleleaf[edit | edit source]

Tim's soft-spoken friend from his home town of Baskar. She's constantly nervous and hyper around Tim. This is evident because when the player speaks to her in the game as Tim a thought bubble appears before she talks with rapidly appearing babble before she "says" anything in a normal text box, which usually only consists of a sentence or two. Florina, a character in Wild Arms 3, has a remarkable similarity in appearance to Colette. Colette's design was likely based on Mariel from the first Wild Arms game, creating three characters with the same appearance, only minor differences.

Lombardia[edit | edit source]

The world's last remaining living Dragon who sealed himself/herself inside of a volcano. After beating him/her as a boss, the player characters use him/her as a means of transportation around the world. Lombardia's gender is ambiguous, being referred to using male pronouns ("he; him") in some parts of the script and with female pronouns ("she; her") in other parts of the script.