Codex Gamicus

These are aircraft from the real-time strategy game series Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Red Alert[]



  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $1200
The Chinhook transports infantry around the map, pretty basic.



  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $1200
The Hind is a heavily armored anti-infantry helicopter that has enough firepower to take out a lot of infantry and light vehicles. In groups they can also tear down structures. A helipad is needed to reload.



  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $1200
The Longbow is armed with Hellfire Missiles and has heavy armor. It is effective against vehicles, naval units, and structures. A helipad is needed to reload.



  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $800
A lightly armored plane that shoots machine guns in a straight line to attack. It is effective against base structures and infantry. These aircraft need to return to airfields to reload.



  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $1200
A lightly armored attack plane that is good against many ground targets. It is very effective against vehicles and structures. These aircraft need to return to airfields to reload.

Spy Plane[]


  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: N/A
When an airfield is built, the spy plane can be deployed to explore an area on the map and then leaves the screen. It is fast and cannot be destroyed. Not buildable by the player.

Badger Plane[]

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: N/A
This is used to drop parabombs or paratroopers. It is not buildable and will fly away after dropping its load.

Red Alert 2[]

Allied Forces[]


The Harrier was the aircraft of the allies, you can build 4 in a air force command, it can kill units, vehicles and do damage in buildings with its accurate missile.

Black Eagle[]

The special unit of Korea, Black Eagle have more armor than harriers and have more firepower than harrier counterparts. It can only be built if you chose Korea.

Night Hawk[]

The Night Hawk was the aircraft transporter of the allies, equipped with a machine gun. You can transport 5 units at a time but the drawback is it has only a good armor and easily killed in any A.A. units, vehicles, ships and buildings so better use it when the L.Z. is not hot.


Osprey is the Helicopter at the rear side of any allied destroyers. This Ospreys can detect and kill any submerged units in the waters equipped with anti-submarine missiles. As the Osprey runs out of 3 missiles it will go back to its ship and reloads in a few seconds and vulnerable to attacks. It has a poor armor and easily killed in anti-aircraft units, vehicles, ships and buildings.


Hornets are the air crafts of the Aircraft Carrier, equipped with 3 missiles, it can kill units, vehicles, ships and raze buildings accurately. It has a poor armor and easily killed in A.A. defence fire, but it does seem to level up a bit faster in a way that other air unit's have a harder time, but the Ospray Aircraft does also level up quite fast as well in a case of fighting the soviet sub's.

Soviet Union[]

Kirov Airship[]

Kirov Airship was the worst threat in RA2 and Yuri's Revenge airspace. Built by the Soviets these Airships were equipped with heavy bombs and have the best armor in any aircraft in this game. However, the Kirov is very slow moving and will likely take a beating en route to its target. When destroyed, the Kirov will fall to the ground and explode, damaging anything unlucky enough to be under it.

Siege Chopper[]

Siege Choppers are reliable choppers of the soviets both offense and defense, in flight siege chopper is equipped with a machine gun and can kill units. It has a good armor but easily killed by A.A. attacks. When deployed it leashes its big gun and becomes an artillery unit. This gun can kill any units and can raze buildings, Allied Prism Tanks are no match with this big gun.


Whenever Boris wants to destroy an enemy building, Boris calls for an air strike and Soviets send their MiGs. Armed with a very powerful missile, MiGs can raze any enemy building. As Boris gets promoted, the MiGs he calls will have greater firepower. MiGs can also be called in groups of two to four by Boris, but the drawback of using this aircraft is it cannot be controlled and the farther the primary MCV of your base the farther MiGs will travel upon going to its enemy building spending more time to Boris will wait and making him vulnerable to enemy attacks.


Floating Disc[]

The weirdest aircraft in Yuri's Revenge, it was inspired in Hollywood movies thanks to Yuri. This aircraft can wreak havoc from air, land and surface of the water. Equipped with a rad laser it can kill units easily. And the best of its use was it can steal money in a refinery, it can drain the enemy base's power in a power plant or nuclear reactor and it can disable any advanced defensive buildings.