Codex Gamicus

These are aircraft from the real-time strategy game series Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Red Alert[]

Rifle Infantry[]

RA1 E1.png

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $100
Armed with an M-16 (Allied) or AK-47 (Soviet), This unit is basic infantry of both teams. With its cheap cost they can be massively built without using much of your money. They are effective for combat against other infantry and dogs.


RA1 E2.png

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $160
With a longer range and more destructive power than basic infantry, Grenadiers are good against infantry groups, light armored vehicles, and buildings.

Rocket Soldier[]

RA1 E3.png

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (Multiplayer)
  • Cost: $300
Armed with a Dragon Rocket launcher, these infantry packs a punch against enemy vehicles and are effective against aircraft. However, these men must be guarded from other infantry and anti-infantry vehicles.


RA1 E4.png

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $300
The Flamethrower can not take as much damage as other infantry, but they are very effective against enemy infantry and buildings. They are also effective against light armor vehicle. Unlike the Command and Conquer 95 Flamethrowers, the Red Alert Flamethrowers does not need to spread apart to avoid damage while in groups.



  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $500
Engineers are useful around the base, they can fully repair any damage structure upon entering. They can also damage or capture enemy buildings depending on its health.


RA1 SPY.png

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $500
The Spy is an infantry unit that is disguised as a light infantry unit. It can move past most enemy units undetected. When it enters buildings it reveals information about the status of the building or player. Be careful as enemy vehicles can run over the spy and Attack Dogs can are the only units with the ability to detect spies.

Attack Dog[]

RA1 DOG.png

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $200
The attack dog is the Soviet counter for the spy. Although they are highly vulnerable to damage, they can instantly kill infantry units.



  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $800
The medic heals nearby Allied infantry and can be placed in guard mode to heal any injured infantry. However, the medic has no defense against enemy units.



  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $500
The thief can only enter enemy refineries and is able to steal cash. These units have no defenses against enemy units and should be used when enemy refineries are unguarded.



  • Owner: Allies (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $950
The mechanic heals friendly vehicle that are near by. Just like the medic he has no defense against enemy units. These units are useful in groups.

Shock Trooper[]


  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $900
Armed with a mini teslacoil, Shock Troopers provide a significant amount of damage against tanks and infantry. However, their firing rate is very slow. Shock Troopers are also uncrushable.



  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (Multiplayer)
  • Cost: $1200
Tanya Adams is the Allies Special Forces Unit. She carries Dual Colt .45 pistols which can quickly take out enemy infantry. She is also armed with C4 which allows her to take out buildings and Bridges.


  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: N/A
The technician are units who work inside base structures and harvesters. Upon destruction technicians may come out. They are armed with a weak pistol and are ineffective against many units.



  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: N/A
Volkov is the Soviets armored solder who is armed with an 20mm AP-HE rifle and is able to regenerate his health when damaged.


  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: N/A
Chitzkoi is Volkov's Cybernetic Dog. Like the normal attack dogs he is able to kill infantry very fast. But he is also more armored and can take much more damage. He can also jump very high.

Red Alert 2[]


Cost: $200

Owner: Allies

RA2 GI.png

The G.I are units which are armed with Parabellum 9mm submachine gun but can deploy to entrench themselves behind sandbags and use a M60 machine gun. The G.I. serves as the general infantry units for the Allies and are capable of garrisoning buildings.


Cost: $100

Owner: Soviets

RA2 E1.png

The conscripts are the legendary infantry for the Soviets. They are armed with a PPSH-41 submachine gun that are effective against everything. They are used better in large groups, and are able to be garrisoned into buildings. It is cheaper and take shorter time to train than the Allied basic infantry counterpart the G.I.


Cost: $200

Owner: Yuri


These are Yuri's basic infantry and uses the power of their minds to fire a fiery beam that effective against infantry and vehicles. They are also capable of garrisoning buildings and the fastest to fire when garrisoned than Soviet Conscripts & Allied G.I.s.

Flak Trooper[]

Cost: $300

Owner: Soviets


The flak trooper is armed with shoulder mounted flak cannon that can target any unit, but is only effective against air units and infantry units.

Guardian GI[]

Cost: $400

Owner: Allies (available in Yuri's Revenge)

RA2 GGI.png

The Guardian GI is armed with a heavy machine gun that is effective against enemy infantry. When deployed, he sets up an uncrushable barrier unlike the vulnerable sandbags of a deployed Allied G.I. It cannot be run over by any kind of tanks except the Allied Battle Fortress and is armed with a rocket launcher that is effective against enemy vehicles and aircrafts.


Cost: $700

Owner: Yuri


The Virus is armed with an toxic rifle capable of making infantry swell up and explode, leaving toxic gas residue which damages infantry, with minimal damage to vehicles. If the gas kills the infantry, they'll also die the same way and releases more toxic gas into the air.

Attack Dog[]

Cost: $200

Owner: Allies, Soviets

RA2 DOG.png

The German Shepherd (Allies) or the Siberian Husky (Soviet) are dogs which are effective against infantry and used for detecting spies. They are also immune to mind control.


Cost: $600

Owner: Allies


The Rocketeers are units with jetpack that allow them to move very fast over terrain. They are useful for air and ground combat but vulnerable to anti-aircraft weapons.


Cost: Comes with Slave miners for free and worth $10 each when grinded in the Grinder

Owner: Yuri

The function of the slave is to collect ore for the slave miner. These units can be liberated when the miner is destroyed. The slaves then can attack enemies with their shovels. They also are immune to mind control.


Cost: $500

Owner: Allies, Soviets, Yuri


The engineer is an unarmed unit in all factions that is capable of entering and capturing tech buildings and enemy base buildings. They can also enter friendly and neutral structures to repair them to full health. The engineer is also capable of defusing the bombs of a Crazy Ivan.

Tesla Trooper[]

Cost: $500

Owner: Soviets


The anti-tank unit of the Soviets, this unit wears a metal-plated suit and is armed with a shock glove. This unit is well-armored and effective against tanks and infantry (Tesla Troppers cannot be run over except the Allied Battle Fortress). This unit uses 2,000 volts of electricity to destroy vehicles and shock infantry to death. They also have the ability to charge up Tesla coils increases its range and power and makes them operational even if the base is on low power.

Crazy Ivan[]

Cost: $600

Owner: Soviets

RA2 IVAN.png

The Soviet demolition specialist code-named Crazy Ivan is capable of planting a ticking explosive on units and buildings, friend, neutral or foe. The bomb has a powerful explosion, and if accidentally planted on a friendly unit, an engineer is needed to defuse it.


Cost: $1000

Owner: Allies

RA2 SPY.png

The Allied Spy can disguise itself as any infantry unit and is capable of infiltrating enemy buildings. When entered on an enemy power plant the base power shuts down for one minute. When entered on an enemy radar facility the enemy's map is re-shrouded. When entered on an enemy refinery and deployed Slave Miner half the cash is stolen. When entered on an enemy barracks or war factory the units/vehicles are trained/built at veteran status. When entered on an enemy battle lab a special unit is unlocked.

(Spy can be detected by an attack dog, Yuri, master mind and a psychic tower)


Cost: $600

Owner: Soviets (also allies and yuri in skirmish)


The Soviet Cosmonaut is the main infantry unit of the space mission for the Soviets in Yuri's Revenge. They are armed with a laser weapon and have jetpacks to travel around. They can target both ground and air units and vulnerable to anti-aircraft weapons.In skirmish it is only available in the map named: moon patrol.


Cost: $500

Owner: Yuri


The Brute is Yuri's anti-tank infantry. This unit is capable of clobbering both enemy infantry and vehicles at a close range with high attack power. They can also tear apart walls and buildings in larger groups. They also take up two spaces in a transport vehicle.

Navy SEAL[]

Cost: $1000

Owner: Allies (Available in multiplayer and some single player missions in RA2, new unit in Allies in Yuri's Revenge)

RA2 SEAL.png

Navy SEALs are armed with UZI submachineguns and C4 charges, allowing them to effectively eliminate large groups of infantry. They also have the ability to swim and plant their C4 charges on ships and buildings.

(They can't plant their C4 charges on tank)

Chrono Legionnaire[]

Cost: $1500

Owner: Allies


The Chrono Legionnaire is a high tech allied unit who uses chrono technology both as a weapon and as a means of transportation. His armor contains a personal chronosphere which allows him to instantly warp anywhere on the map. After a warp the Chrono Legionnaire requires a few seconds to fully phase in, the duration of this time is directly related to the distance warped, the longer the distance, the loger it takes to phase in. The weapon which he is armed with is unique as it does no actual damage, and that it simply erases the target from history. This can happen instantly, or over the course of about a minute, pending what is being phased out, how many legionnaires are engaging the target and the rank of the legionnaires. While being phased out, the target is invincible, but also frozen. Some commanders have been known to use this on their own buildings in a strategy to protect them from nuclear warheads. These units may also fire from a IFV or a Battle fortress, which is useful for avoiding the risks of being caught phasing in.

Psi Corps Trooper[]

Cost: None(You get three in a Soviet mission)

Owner: Soviets (available in Soviet Big Apple and the fox and the hound mission)


These are the first Yuri clones that are able to be used in the missions. They have the ability to mind control units and also deploy to use a mind-blowing attack to kill infantry.

Yuri Clone[]

Cost: $1200, $800(Yuri's Revenge)

Owner: Left: Soviets (Red Alert 2), Right: Yuri (Yuri's revenge)


The Yuri clones have with the ability to mind control enemy units. They also can deploy and use a mind blowing attack to kill enemy infantry instantly. In Yuri's Revenge the Soviets lose the ability to create Yuri clones and Yuri is able to train them at a cheaper cost.


Cost: $600

Owner: Allies (Britain)


Armed with a sniper rifle, this unit is capable to take out infantry in one hit over long distances. However, the Sniper has a slow rate of fire and is ineffective against vehicles and structures.


Cost: $600

Owner: Soviets (Iraq)


The Soviet Desolator is armed with a powerful radiation cannon capable of killing infantry units quickly. They are also equipped with radiation suits to protect themselves from radiation. When deployed, they put their cannon into the ground, desolating the terrain and causing infantry and vehicles to melt or explode when travelling through. The Desolator's weapon is completely useless against buildings. A heroic desolator can survive a nuke.


Cost: $200

Owner: Soviets (Cuba)


Terrorists are cheap and effective units on the side of Cuba. The only weapon that the Terrorist is capable of using is a suicide bomb attached on its body. When targeting units and buildings, the Terrorist attempts to run towards the targeted unit or structure and self-destructs. With enough of these units, armored vehicles and even buildings can be destroyed.


Cost: $1500

Owner: Soviets (Yuri's Revenge only)


Boris is the hero unit of the Soviets and available only in Yuri's Revenge. This hero unit is armed with an AKM Rifle effective at taking out both infantry and vehicles with long ranges. This hero unit can call in an airstrike of MiGs by pointing a laser at enemy buildings. However, Boris is vulnerable to enemy attacks while pointing a building, as he cannot attack while marking an enemy building.


Cost: $1000 in RA2 and $1500 for Yuri's Revenge

Owner: Allies


Tanya is the Allies' special female commando and the hero unit of the said faction. Armed with dual M9 pistols Tanya is able to take out groups of men very quickly. Tanya can swim and plant C4 in enemy buildings which makes her an ideal unit for base assaults. In Yuri's Revenge, Tanya gains immunity from mind control and the ability to instantly destroy vehicles by using C4 Charges.

Yuri Prime[]

Cost: $2000 in RA2 and $1500 in Yuri's Revenge

Owner: Left: Soviets (Red Alert 2), Right: Yuri (Yuri's revenge)


Only available to the soviets when a spy enters another soviet battle lab, a yuri prime is a very powerful unit. They are capable of mind control over an extreme range of the battlefield and can also deploy to use a mind blowing attack as defense.

In Yuri's Revenge, Yuri prime is available as the hero character of Yuri's faction. Yuri prime costs less and able to mind control enemy units and buildings at a range a bit greater than a Yuri Clone. This unit travels in a small hovering vehicle and can travel on both land and sea.

Psi Commando[]

Cost: $1000



Psi Commando has the ability to mind control enemy units and destroying enemy building by planting with C4 explosives. This unit is only available when an Allied Spy infiltrated a Soviet Battle Lab(RA2)/Yuri's Battle Lab(Yuri's Revenge).

Chrono Ivan[]

Cost: $1750

Owner: Soviets


Chrono Ivan has the ability to plant bombs on friendly and enemy units and structures, and has the ability to teleport around the field just like the other chrono infantries. Chrono Ivan's bomb can be diffused by an engineer. This unit is only available when an Allied Spy infiltrated an Soviet Battle Lab.

In the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack, the Chrono Ivan becomes available to the Allied forces by sending a spy into a Soviet Battle Lab.

Chrono Commando[]

Cost: $2000

Owner: Allies


Chrono Commando are capable to teleport across the field within seconds. Armed with a 9mm Uzi sub-machine gun this unit is able to mow down infantry and snap on C4 charge to destroy enemy buildings. This unit is only available when an Allied Spy infiltrated an enemy Allied Battle Lab.