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List of units in Dune II

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These are units in the real time strategy game Dune 2 House Harkonnen relies on heavy and powerful, but expensive units, while House Atreides is a more "middle of the road" side with access to good specialised units such as the Sonic Tank. House Ordos tends to prioritise speed over strength and have a mix of technology from both houses like the ornithopter and heavy troopers, and have other quite specialised units and a lack of heavy firepower, and thus require a degree of cunning gameplay to win.

Infantry and trooper units[]

Light Infantry[]


Build cost : 60(single) / 100(squad)

Soldiers with minimal protection and attack capabilities. They can infiltrate and seize command of enemy structures. Available only to the Ordos and the Atreides factions.

Heavy Troopers[]


Build cost : 100(single) / 200(squad)

Troopers have special power suits and heavy weapons and equipment. They have longer range then the Light Infantry and able to attack both ground and air units. Available only to the Harkonnen and Ordos factions, although Fremen units (which are available to the Atreides faction through the Palace) are comparable in combat value to this type of infantry.

Light Vehicles[]



Build cost : 150

A very fast and maneuverable three-wheeled vehicle with very limited protection. Useful for scouting. Available only to the Atreides factions (Raider trike for the Ordos).



Build cost : 200

A four wheeled vehicle, slower than the trike, but with much more armor and firepower.

Heavy Vehicles[]

Combat Tank[]


Build cost : 300

A medium-sized tank, with average speed, firepower and armor.

Siege Tank[]


Build cost : 600

A slower, heavier version of the combat tank, with 50% more armor and a double-barreled cannon.

Rocket Launcher[]


Build cost : 450

A moderate-speed tank providing long-range rocket support. It inflicts high damage, especially against buildings (does only half damage to units), and has longer range than turrets. It fires with low accuracy and has a minimum range of effectiveness. It is only buildable by House Harkonnen and Atreides.

Support Vehicles[]



Build cost : 300

Harvests melange from the spice fields. If the player loses his last one, another one is provided free of charge although certain later, more difficult missions may not have such a privilege.



Build cost : 800

A non-controllable transport aircraft, it can carry harvesters to the refinery and units to the repair center.



Build cost : 600

A very fast and non-controllable aircraft. Launches attrition attacks against the enemy base. Can be fired upon by enemy rocket turrets. Available only to House Atreides and House Ordos.

Mobile construction vehicle[]


Build cost : 900

A mobile construction yard, allows construction and repositioning of bases. Every newly deployed construction yard must also be individually upgraded if higher level structures are to be constructed.

House Specific units[]

Completing higher missions gives authorization to use improved technology and higher-order weaponry unique to each House, ensuring varied gameplay. For example, House Harkonnen may be able to construct their Devastator tanks with heavy armor and ordnance but cannot build the similarly impressive Atreides Sonic Tank. The Ordos have access to the Deviator - a specialized tank firing a nerve gas that switches the allegiance of targeted units to Ordos for a limited period of time. The three Houses also are restricted in their production capabilities - House Ordos cannot build Atreides-style trikes, instead making the faster "Raider" trikes, while House Harkonnen constructs heavier but more expensive quad bikes.

A player can gain access to other Houses' special units by capturing an enemy Factory and manufacturing the desired units at the captured Factory (House Atreides' Heavy Vehicle Factory for Sonic Tank, House Ordos' Light Vehicle Factory for Raider trikes, House Ordos' Heavy Vehicle Factory for Deviator tanks, or House Harkonnen's Heavy Vehicle Factory for Devastator tanks).


Sonic Tank[]


Build cost : 600

A tank that fires sonic waves with range covering the entire game screen, although its effectiveness range depend on the game speed. Its attack may damage the player's own units if they are in its line of fire, but it is also incapable of hurting another sonic tank.



Build cost : N/A

Native elite guerrillas, invoked from the Palace. They decide for themselves which enemy unit to attack. They do not attack enemy buildings when controlled by the player.




Build cost : 800

A immensely powerful nuclear-powered tank that self-destructs when in critical state or when ordered to.

Death Hand[]


Build cost : N/A

A multiple head missile fired from the palace that can damage a vast area, but is very imprecise.


Ordos Raider[]


Build cost : 150

A modified version of the trike; faster but with decreased protection. Very useful for exploring the map.



Build cost : 750

A missile tank that fires special nerve gas ammunition which can confuse units and temporarily change them to the player's side.



Build cost : N/A

A lone agent trained in the palace that can destroy and take control of any enemy building or vehicle (which can be useful to disrupt attacks or destroy the enemy base from within).

Other party units[]



Build cost : N/A

The Sardaukar are elite troops belonging to the Emperor's House Corrino. The Sardaukar have similar attributes and weapon to Heavy Troopers but are more powerful.

Sand Worm[]


Build cost : N/A

The Sandworm roams the sands of Dune. It is attracted by moving units and can eat them. It is possible for them to be killed, but this takes an enormous amount of firepower.