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Long Live Caesar is a turn-based strategy game developed and published by Yury Khovansky. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux in February 2021.


In this game, the player controls Gaius Julius Caesar, who must uncover all conspirators to resist the impending threat and save Rome.


  • Detective, Strategy, RPG and brain-twister in one game. And all of it - in Ancient Rome!
  • Exorbitant level of juicy pixel violence
  • Roles of the conspirators are randomly distributed at the beginning of each game, which makes each passage unique
  • Many historical (and not so much) events will give you definition of replayability
  • Every you decision is unconditional and irrevocable. You cant reload to your past step. You should meet them face-to-face
  • Black humor and references to some modern pop-culture personalities
  • Pixel Graphics and atmospheric soundtrack, that bring you back to 90s

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