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Lost Admiral Returns is a turn-based naval strategy game by Fogstone, the creator of The Grandest Fleet, Lost Admiral 2, Lost Admiral, and Conquered Kingdoms.[1] The game uses a game play similar to rock paper scissors except with ships [2]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay is very similar to chess except with a much larger map, more different units, and much more detailing.[3] Because of the variety of units, the combat is much like rock paper scissors. There are three scenes during a game: the navigation map, the battle map, and the end turn overview. Ships on the navigation map can be identified by its corrosponding image or hull classification symbol

Battleship[edit | edit source]

Battleships are high health anti-surface ship vessels. They have 12 hit points and can deal up to 6 points of damage.. However, they are extremely vulnerable to submarine attacks. Because of their heavy armor, machinegun fire does not affect the battleship.

Carrier[edit | edit source]

Carriers are weak fleet vessels with 10 hit points. They have 2 attack strength, but all vessels nearby get an extra attack strength due to fleet airplanes. The planes on board appear to be Douglas TBD Devastators. Carriers are extremely vulnerable to all vessels, but the passive damage buff on nearby vessels render the carrier an essential element of any fleet.

Cruiser[edit | edit source]

Cruisers are like small versions of battleships, with eight hit points. They have less firepower, but sport a weak depth charge launcher to repel submarine assaults. They can deal two points of damage towards submerged submarines.

Destroyer[edit | edit source]

Destroyers are multipurpose vessels used to harass enemy transports and disrupt sea routes. They have six hit points. However, they are most effective against submerged submarines with their multi-depth charge launcher which deals six hit points of damage towards submerged submarines.

Submarine[edit | edit source]

Submarines in Lost Admiral Returns are modeled after German U-Boats. They have six hit points which is exactly the amount of damage destroyers deal to submerged submarines. Because of this, a tactic deployed is to surface the sub. When surfaced, the destroyer's guns deal four points of damage, giving the sub a chance to escape. During battle phase, the submarine fires three torpedoes against enemy ships. There is no ammunition limit for submarines.

Patrol Boat[edit | edit source]

Patrol boats are fast scouting boats used for reconnaissance and transport raid. They deal only one point of damage which is enough to sink a transport ship in one turn, but not enough to engage in a duel with an armored transport ship. They are armed with machineguns and are boosted greatly from the presence of a carrier.

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