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Lost Eden
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Developer(s) Cryo Interactive
Publisher(s) Virgin Interactive
Designer Designer Missing
Engine Engine Missing
status Status Missing
Release date March 1995
Genre Adventure game
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Age rating(s) ELSPA: 3+
USK: 6+
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Mac OS, 3DO, CD-i
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media Media Missing
Input Inputs Missing
Requirements Requirements Missing
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This article is about the Cryo Interactive adventure game. For the Anarchy Online expansion pack of the same name, see Lost Eden (Anarchy Online). For the metal band, see Lost Eden (band).

Lost Eden is an adventure game produced by Cryo Interactive and published by Virgin Interactive in March 1995 for the PC running DOS, Macintosh, 3DO [1] and CD-i.[2] It is set in a world where humans and dinosaurs coexist. In it, one plays the human character Adam, and is accompanied by a number of characters during the game. Although it did not receive much attention from the gaming media and public, it has been congratulated for a good standard of graphics for its time, largely using pre-rendered 3D graphics, and also for its creativeness and detail. However, it has also been criticized for being too short and simplistic. Perhaps the most distinct quality of the game was the background music created by Stéphane Picq.

Plot Background[]

You begin the game as Adam, Prince of Mo. You've grown up in a world of humans, a place where the outside is kept out. You have been confined to Mo for good reason, however. Your mother and sister were killed not one day's march from the Citadel of Mo by the awful forces of the Tyrann, led by Moorkus Rex. Your father is king, a defeated man who has lost all hope for the world since this tragedy.

You, as Adam, are the heir to a long and proud family lineage. Your great-grandfather is remembered as the Architect, who built gigantic fortresses, great citadels across the land. The secret of their construction died with him. His son, your grandfather, is known as the Enslaver. He hated the dinosaurs, and most humans, too. He tore down all the citadels except the one at Mo. He drove the humans and dinosaurs apart, creating mutual distrust and, in places, sheer hatred.

At some point, Moorkus Rex came into the world. A strange, crimson, armor-plated reptile, his savagery knew no limits. He soon became the leader of the Tyrannosaurus armies, known as the Tyrann, and unleashed chaos. He would not stop until the world was turned to "blood and ashes" at his feet.

Now, one of the only remaining places of safety from the Tyrann is the Citadel of Mo. If only someone could discover the secret of the Architect, perhaps the humans and dinosaurs could defend themselves....


Adam is the young prince of Mo. Although he has little memory of his early childhood, Adam has grown up under the protective and privileged wing of his father. He grows up in a city nearly segregated from all dinosaur species. As he approaches his "Coming of Age", Adam is thrown for a loop when he is confronted with the rising threat of Moorkus Rex, a firm-fisted leader of the Tyrann, who had killed Adam's mother and sister while he was an infant. Adam bravely steps forward as the chosen human to battle out the Tyrann and bring peace to the world once again.

Eloi is the narrator of this story as well as a key character in the game. He is the navigator for Adam during his quest as well as a strong motivator and wise representative of his pterodactyl brethren. While he usually lives in the White Arch with the rest of his species, Eloi has come to Mo to help Adam along his quest.

King Gregor is the father of Prince Adam and King of Mo. He is very protective of his son and very clandestine about Mo's turbulent past. In order to achieve peace among his people, he misconstrues the history of his kingdom in hopes to keep all in the citadel's walls ignorant and thus secure. With the rising threat of Moorkus Rex and the spiked interest Adam has found in fighting such a tyrant, king Gregor comes to terms with his son chosen destiny and sends Prince Adam off with his blessing. Ill and quite old, King Gregor can only sit at his throne and wait for his son to succeed.

Dina is a young and spiritual link between Adam and the dinosaur world. She is a parasaurolophus and a medium-of-sorts between the realm of the dead and the living. She plays a huge role in the discovery of Adam's history; together, they find out the secrets of the Architect and the Enslaver, two of Adam's ancestors. Dina lives two lives, it seems. While she is not aiding her elderly grandfather Tau or advising the King, she is spending time with her mate Mungo, another strong and dignified parasaurolophus.

Monk is the adviser to King Gregor and a mentor in Prince Adam's life. He is a keeper of history, medicine and art. With such strong loyalty and prestige behind his character, Monk becomes both a spiritual guide for King Gregor and a supporter of Prince Adam's quest. Monk has been shown to have a Machiavellian side to him as well, as he is not above manipulating Jabber the Executioner when it suits his purposes.

Moorkus Rex is the powerful and blood-thirsty leader of the Tyrann, a plundering army of Tyranasaurs. Although his threat to Mashaar has excluded Mo for years, Moorkus has shifted his gaze to conquering the Kingdom that brought downfall to the first rein of Tyrann. Unfortunately, the heir to this hapless kingdom is Prince Adam.

Thugg is the dim-witted but loyal captain of the guards in Mo. His simple mind and love for the kingdom he serves under leads him to bond quickly with Adam and the others.

Jellana was once the wife of King Gregor, and the mother of Adam and Leanor. Unsatisfied with her marriage to the King, mostly based on his lack of backbone, Jellana flees from Mo, taking only Leanor with her, and resides in Chamaar where she is later slaughtered by the Tyrann.

Grandfather Tau was a trusted friend of The Architect, Adam's great grandfather and the grandfather to Dina. In his old age, he had tried to advise King Gregor on the way of the dinosaurs, but was shunned. His only link to Dina and Adam now is through the spirit world.

The Architect is Adam's great grandfather and the mastermind behind the citadels. With his dinosaur companion, Graa, he alone held the key to reuniting dinosaurs and men. Unfortunately, the secret has been lost along with the great name of Mo.

Graa is the dinosaur friend to The Architect, and was the right-hand contributor to the unity of men and dinosaurs. Unfortunately, when the Architect died and the Enslaver came into power, Graa was captured and left to die in the Crypts of Abandon. His bellowing echoed through the crypts under the Citadel of Mo, which quite often frightened Prince Adam as a child.

The Enslaver is Adam's grandfather and the reason for the split among man and dinosaur. Pushing all dinosaurs back from Mo, and the Tyrann to the Barren North, the rift that the Enslaver created was embedded as law to his son, Gregor.

Mungo is a brilliant young parasaurolophus. As a strong supporter of his mate, Dina, he reveres Adam as the bringer of the New World of Man and Dinosaur. His progressive and enthusiastic outlook on life makes him as strong willed as he is selfless.

File:Lost Eden manual.jpg

Manual cover art

Chong is a simian-looking man who leads the Shorrians in the land of Chamaar. Although his land is the first to be ravaged by Tyrann, it is also the first to be reunited with dinosaurs.

Ulan the Arrow Maker is the leader of Ulele, a witchdoctor-like race residing in Uluru. Very knowledgeable people, they are also the keeper of the most advanced weapons in Mashaar. Ulan supplies Adam continuously with useful weapons with which he drives away the Tyrann.

Chief Kommala is the strong and stubborn leader of the amazonian Kobu. Living almost savagely in the valley of Koto, Kommala is anything but convinced that Adam can reunite man and dinosaurs. She will only be convinced if Adam can persuade the velocoraptors to join in the fight.

Tahloomi/Eve is the Joan of Arch of Mashaar. Dressing as a man in fear of oppression, she helps the Tamnians to survive the genocide in the Valley of Despair. Although her land is perhaps the most ravaged by Tyrann, Eve is enthusiastic to join Adam in his mission. The two connect instantly and Eve becomes not only a motivator for the Prince, but also a dangerous liability.

Fugg, much like Thugg, is a dimwitted but good-hearted ogre-like creature. He is the right-hand man of Tahloomi and continues to follow him after he unmasks himself as the woman Eve.

Canuka is the leader of the Castra and the spiritual leader in Cantura. He leads a very religious people whose practices are above all a threat to Adam. After capturing Eve and holding her as ransom in exchange for Dina, the Cantura only aid Adam after forced slaving on the Castra's citadel.

Jabber the Executioner is a shy and simple character. As a child, he would cry often, which lead the Enslaver to cut out his tongue, causing Jabber to become mute. Although he is dedicated to Mo, he is often manipulated because of his vulnerability.

Narrim is a skeptical aquasaurus who trusted Graa deeply. Hurt by the downfall of his race, he trusts no human, even Adam. Unfortunately, Narrim is the master of navigation and he must assist Adam if Mashaar is to be upheld.

Shazia the Proud/Leanor is the sister of Adam. Long thought to be slaughtered by the Tyrann, she was actually saved by a rogue group of Chorrians who, with her, fled to Shandova. Although her true name is Leanor, she is nicknamed Shazia, which means Warrior Queen, by the Chorrians.


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