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Ludwig von Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa.png
Ludwig as he appears in New Super Mario Bros. U

Game Series Mario franchise
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3, 1990
Alias: Kooky von Koopa
Trademark: crazy blue hair

Ludwig von Koopa is the oldest of the Koopa Kids. Ludwig von Koopa was named after (and resembles) Ludwig von Beethoven and they are both composers (according to Super Mario World he composes "Koopa symphonies" in his castle). He also serves as the leader of his siblings and possible ruler of the Koopa Kingdom and rivals Bowser favorite son, Bowser Jr..

In Super Mario Bros. 3 Ludwig steals a magical wand from the king of Pipe Land and transforms him into a Piranha Plant (in remakes, the king is transformed into a Yoshi). Mario faces Ludwig after the defeat of his brother Lemmy. Like his brother, Roy, Ludwig stomps the ground to stun Mario. Mario does away with this Beethoven knockoff and reverts the king to his former self.

Ludwig von Koopa is the boss of the Twin Bridges zone, the fourth kingdom in Super Mario World. His castle sits at the end of Twin Bridges, which includes the Butter Bridge, the Cheese Bridge, Cookie Mountain, and Soda Lake. He is the only Koopa Kid in Super Mario World with an attack pattern not shared by one of the siblings. Ludwig spits fireballs and ducks into his spiked shell. After Mario defeats Ludwig, he rockets the castle into a hill on the horizon.

Ludwig reappers in Yoshi's Safari as a boss. He and his family took over Jewlrey Land, with the help of Iggy and Ludwig building mechs the conquered it easily. Ludwig attack in a koopa-like mech however hitting the pruple button on its back caused it to explode into round 2 however the mechs arms was destroyed and soon Ludwig was defeated.

Ludwig returns with his brothers and sister as a miniboss in the game Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Ludwig attacks by going into his shell and sliding towards the Bros. Mario.

Ludwig last appearannce was in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as he captured Princess Peach along with his siblings including Junior in a cake serving as a boss in World 7 (AKA The Sky Haven) were he meets Mario and his friends and he chuickles and for a surprise has now learn the flutter Jump and attacked them but was defeated. Ludwig reapeated his performance at his true castle were Kamek used hsis magic to make three hovering projectiles were you must avoid Ludwig magic blasts and Flutter Jump without falling off the projectiles or else you'll lose. Ludwig was defeated but survived with his siblings trying to get Bowser back to his feet by pushing him up but insult to injury the castle falls on them.

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Ludwig von Koopa appearing in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Don't step in that slime... oh wait... that's Luigi? eeew

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