Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu
Developer(s) nDoors
Publisher(s) nDoors
Release date May 31, 2005
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Windows

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Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game featuring pseudo-3d graphics in a massive, anime-styled world. The game simulates a political-economic structure in its RPG-like gameplay structure. Players are able to elect representatives by voting and rule the game, then interact with the game's free market economic structure by means of real-time trading, stocks, and real estate. Players can choose the path of the warrior or artisan and can choose between several weapons and trades. Players are also able to capture wild monsters, summon monsters for aid in combat and raise horses for riding. Further developing the community is a Local Government System and Resident Registration System in each town. The GoonZu broadcasting network and Goonzu Newspaper is operated by users.

Battle & Manufacturing

Class System

Players can choose between an artisan, a warrior or both. Players can also choose merchant or even be a politician.

Melee Weapons
Sword - Faster than other melee weapons, but it is the weakest of them.
Spear - Average speed and power. Spears are the most balanced weapons in the game; however, they have no special abilities like the other weapons.
Axe - Slow and very powerful.

Ranged Weapons
Bow - Fast speed and average power.
Gun - Slower than bow but more powerful and slightly longer range.

Magic Weapons
Cane - Strong but requires lots of MP Potions and special food, thus the most expensive.

There are also Perfect Grade or Master Grade weapons. These weapons are rare and the ratio of getting one is about 1:300. The High Grade weapons looks like a normal weapon, but have higher damage, they last only for 7 to 14 days.

Accuracy depends on the agility stat of the character. Swords have lower strength requirements than spears and axes, thus freeing stat points, allowing more agility and thus higher accuracy than other melee weapons.


Players can raise their own animals and ride them to gain more speed, status points and inventory space. Players can ride an animal at level 15. In-game, these animals are usually referred to as a horse. To acquire a horse, you need to have a "Small Medal" item. Once you right-click on a Small Medal, a horse will come out, and it's type will be chosen randomly according to rarity. Brown, White, Black, Zebra, Red, Rudolph, Thousand Mile Foal, Armored Horse, Blue Wolf, Piebald Foal and Vixen are all the possible rides a player can have.
From a Small Medal, 9 types of horses can come out. A Brown horse is most common, and there is about a 93% chance of getting one from a Small Medal. All other types, which include White, Black, Zebra, Red, Rudolph, Thousand Mile Foal, Armored Horse and Piebald Foal horses have a low percentage of acquiring one.
To acquire a Vixen Spirit horse, a player needs a "Vixen Spirit Orb" which can be obtained thought the Reco NPC, located in the starting area of Hanyang. Once a player has 5000 recommender points saved up, Reco will offer you a Vixen Spirit Orb to purchase. Just as with the Small Medal, a player must right-click on a Vixen Spirit Orb to open it and receive the Vixen Spirit horse inside. This is a 100% guarantee you will receive one. (The only horse that comes from a Vixen Spirit Orb is a Vixen Spirit)
To acquire a Blue Wolf horse (No longer possible since it was the item mall "Item of the Month" and now that month has passed and so, therefore it is no longer offered), a player needs a "Soul of Wolf" item. A player right-clicks on this item to release the Blue Wolf horse inside. The only way to acquire "Soul of Wolf" is from the Lucky Racoon Key, which can be obtained from the item mall. A player will have a certain chance (1% for Bronze Key, 4% for Silver Key, 7% for Gold Key) to acquire a "Soul of Wolf" item from the minigame which will be launched once a player right-click on the key. In the minigame, a player would have to choose from 5 different chests, for a chance to obtain the "Soul of Wolf".

Summoned Monsters
Players are first able to summon a monster as a pet at level 25. When a player first summon a monster it will only be able to fight for a short while, and it will need to rest before fighting again. Summoned monsters gain experience points just as players do, and they do not have to fight a monster to gain experience. A smaller percentage of experience is given to a summoned monster just for being out while your character fights. As a player's summon skill level increases, they are able to keep their pet fighting longer and their pet will acquire more experience points per kill.
Players can gain experience in the summon monster skill when they, along with their pet, attack monsters. For each attack strike, you gain +X summon skill experience. The "X" depends on the level of the monster you have just attacked.


Players are able to manufacture and sell their items in the market or to other players. This is a major focus of the game, and one of the major ways for a player to earn money. Players are also able to enchant their weapons for extra elemental damage, or enchant their armor for added elemental protection.

A simple stock exchange system allows players to become a shareholder of different towns to gain more profits and participate in elections. Sharing the profits among residents or shareholders to gain respect and reputation among other players is widely accepted and allowed by the game's staff.

A simple commission system is set up as well, allowing the player to set the commission rates for different facilities in the town to gain profits and compete with other towns.


Players are allowed to practice different trade skills such as: Weapon Making, Cooking, Medicine, Fishing, Mining, Farming, Equipment Making, Accessory Making, and others. Skills play an important role in Goonzu because they are needed to crated all of the existing items in the game. Roughly 90% of all items in the game are player-made.
When a player is deciding on what trade skills to level up, one must know that certain skills require the dexterity stat to be increased. This can become a problem when a player wants to be a hunter (character who fights monsters). If a player needs to add dexterity to their character, then a certain amount of status points are wasted and not used to improve fighting effectiveness. This is why most players who want to have these skills that require added dexterity made a secondary character who is devoted to just making items. These type of players are often called "Artisans" or "PD's".


Stones play another important role in Goonzu. In order to enchant a weapon, a player needs certain elemental stones. There are 5 different kinds of stones: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Blessing Stones. Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind are used to enchant weapons, armors, and other accessories into their respective elements. The higher the level of enchantment, the greater the chance of failure. This is where *blessing stones* come into play. Blessing stones are used as a safeguard in case the enchanting fails so that the weapon/armor/accessory is not destroyed. Enchanting a weapon increases its attack power. A player can increase the attack of a weapon and defense of an armor/accessory by a maximum of ten levels.

  • The amount of blessing stones needed is equal to the amount of elemental stones used. So a level 2 enchant for example will require 5 blessing stones as well as the 5 elemental stones required if you want to safeguard against a 100% loss of just the power-up item.

Below is a list of the elemental bonuses:

Level 1: +20 damage; 5% defense; 100% success rate; 0 stones needed
Level 2: +30 damage; 6% defense; 80% success rate; 5 stones needed
Level 3: +60 damage; 8% defense; 60% success rate; 5 stones needed
Level 4: +100 damage; 11% defense; 40% success rate; 7 stones needed
Level 5: +150 damage; 15% defense; 30% success rate; 7 stones needed
Level 6: +200 damage; 20% defense; 20% success rate; 10 stones needed
Level 7: +250 damage; 26% defense; 10% success rate; 10 stones needed
Level 8: +320 damage; 33% defense; 5% success rate; 15 stones needed
Level 9: +400 damage; 41% defense; <1% success rate; 30 stones needed
Level 10: +500 damage; 50% defense; <1% success rate; 100 stones needed

Enchantments go all the way up to rank 10. At rank 7 your character gets a cool animation and the best damage bonus so it tends to be the cut off rank.


Players are allowed to participate in the shareholder election to elect or to become a town chief, as well as appoint their own department heads. The other main election method is the election of the GoonZu (Server Master) a role played by one player that is given almost as much power as a Game Master. This Person is forced to select 5 other players to represent himself as ministers.

On top of this some of the 5 ministers that make up the council can have their own political team and these teams are called Guardian Angels and Police. All of these rolls are simply chosen by the ministers, without a vote.

New Player Support

Players will be asked for their "recommender" on creating their first character. Recommenders will receive recommendation points and in-game rewards when a new player reaches level 20, 30, 40, and 50 and the new player will also receive some items at level 40, 50, 60 and 70. Good recommenders sometimes choose to give/share the in-game rewards to the new players at those levels and pay them for the recommendation points. When someone wants to be your recommender or you want that then the first thing you must do is create another account with a new character. Than a popup will show up to fill in exactly the name of the one who wants to be your recommender.


Players will also be able to choose a mentor by pressing (Alt+T) in the game. When the apprentice reaches level 50, their mentor gets Marbles (in game currency) for every level-up the apprentice achieves under the mentor, up to level 50.
Apprentices will get 100k Marbles when he/she reaches level 20, as do players without mentors. It is possible to change one's mentor after choosing one. Although the role is for a "question and answer" mentor, good mentors also help out with items as they profit for players leveling up to 50.
To become a mentor, players over level 50 can choose to 'Request for Mentor' under the mentor window (Alt+T). Mentors are allowed one apprentice each day (24 hours), and are only allowed to have 10 active apprentices at one time (players below level 50). Mentors are allows unlimited apprentices over level 50 (completed)

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