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MAG (the title is an acronym for Massive Action Game, which was also once a subtitle) is a MMOFPS developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Sony. On January 28, 2014, the game's servers were shutdown. As the game had no offline functionality, it is therefore now unplayable.


In matches, players in groups ranging from 64 to 256 fight it out on objective-based maps. Everything that happens is a direct result of player input. No background firefight noise or explosions, just the results of combat between squads across a Big Map.

Players are grouped into squads of 8. Squads are grouped into platoons of 4, which are in turn grouped into companies of 4. The leader of each group has special abilities, like the power to call in UAVs and airstrikes or to alter the respawn rates of friends or foes.

For German Info look at this Page: GameXP - MAG



Penny Arcade gave a positive review of the game in its open beta phase of development.