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MSX is a standard for home computer architecture, and was suceeded by the MSX2 specification.


Technical Specifications
CPU Zilog Z80A @ 3.58 MHz
Clock Chip None
RAM 8 kB minimum
ROM 32 kB (16 kB for the BIOS and 16 kB for MSX BASIC 1.0)
Graphics Sprites: 32, 1 colour, max 4 per horizontal line
GPU Texas Instruments TMS9918 family
Graphics RAM 16 kB
  • Graphics mode: 256 × 192 (16 colors). In reality, there are just 15 colour tints available, because, just like Sinclair Spectrum, there are two codes for black. Unlike the Spectrum, however, one of the blacks is actually "transparent", so the MSX video picture could be overlaid on another video signal, for example, one from a video disk.
  • Text modes: 40 × 24 and 32 × 24
Media Floppy Disk, Datasette, Cartridge

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