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Mad Genius Software, Llc was a Canadian video game developer created in 1995 by Geoffrey Mark, Mike Jackson, and Kieth Gillard in Vancouver, British Columbia. By the time the company dissolved in 1999 it had developed, produced and successfully distributed one title, Gunmetal for the PC. Its slogan was "Crazy People, Smart Games."


One of two logos used by Mad Genius Software

Originally started as an artist's collective, the design and art teams worked ad hoc as external work schedules allowed. Over three years the core team grew from the three founders, a programmer and Andrew Brechin creating art to twelve artists and programmers. All art and programming milestones were reviewed by Mike Jackson at this time. No one on the team received salaries until the next phase. Geoffrey Mark reviewed major art milestones and reviewed any financial issues from Los Angeles where he lived.

In 1997, investment company Platinum Investments, offered to fund completion and marketing of Gunmetal. By January 1998 US$1,500,000 was raised. The company opened an office at 311 Water Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada. At this point, the Producer and only American on the team, Geoffrey Mark, was able to get a work visa and join the company in Canada. Within three months, the company had 24 employees, including one in New Zealand.

Gunmetal was released across the continental US and Canada on August 31, 1998. The demo was number one in downloads for several weeks on Gamespot and other video game websites. In its first run, it sold 22,000 units into various stores. It was carried at Virgin Megastore, Fry's Electronics, Comp USA and others. As of December, 2006, the game demo of Gunmetal could still be downloaded from

A software patch was distributed free of charge in October, 1998.

Disagreements over sales revenue and other internal problems forced Mad Genius Software into receivership in March 1999.

There is currently one fan-made Gunmetal Website which contains a walkthrough in progress, a download for the demo of the game and some patches.