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Mahjong Titans is a computer game version of mahjong solitaire developed by Oberon Games and included in the Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista (the game is not installed by default in Windows Vista Business and Enterprise editions). It is also included with the Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. The game takes advantage of the new and advanced graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows Vista, and includes features such as tile set and background choices. Mahjong solitaire should not be confused with regular Mahjong, a gambling game with its origins in Central China.


The player has a choice of six tile layouts - Cat, Turtle, Crab, Dragon, Fortress and Spider, each a stylised portrayal of the respective object or animal. The background image can be chosen from five different options and there are four tile sets, including traditional Mahjong tiles, variations with fuller colouring or larger print, and an alternative pastel tile set with an entirely different picture theme.

Games are not totally random. To see this look at the topmost 5 tiles in the turtle layout There will always be at least one pair within these 5 tiles and often two pairs.

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