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Mai Shiranui

Mai Kofmaximum impact.jpg
Mai in KOF:Maximum Impact 2

Game Series Fatal Fury series
King of Fighters series
SNK vs. series
First Appearance Fatal Fury 2
Japanese Name: 不知火舞
Occupation: Ninja
Nationality: Japanese
Species: Human
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: January 1, 1974
Birthplace: Japan
Likes: Cooking (making Japanese lunch boxes), Ornamental hairpin that's her grandmother's keepsake, Rice cake soup, sweet-red-bean-covered rice balls
Dis-Likes: Spiders
Family: Hanzo Shiranui(grandfather)
Fighting Style: Shiranui - ryuu ninjutsu
Weapon(s): Konchosan(Butterfly Fan)
Skill(s): Shiranui style of ninja arts