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Manga Fighter is a massively multiplayer online third-person paintball shooter developed by OnNet and hosted by game portal GameCampus, for Microsoft Windows-based PCs. Players will join other combatants in a 3D manga-style world, with multiple modes of combat and a variety of character customization options. The game allows for fast and intense combat, but with a fresh look. The game first began its open beta on July 31, 2007, and was released to the public on December 3, 2007. The game was shut down on July 30, 2010. Before that happened, GameCampus held a series of events to commemorate the 3 years of service.[1][2]



Players can choose from and switch between the six characters at anytime. Each character has their own strengths and weakness.

  • Ken: A young; mischievous boy who gets into trouble quite often.
  • Hana: Hana is Ken's good friend but she is very friendly and always fun to be around.
  • Kuma: Despite his size and fierce look, Kuma the bear is a very kind and has a noble spirit.
  • Miu Miu: This fast and agile cat has great fashion sense and fighting skill. However, he is very mysterious.
  • Sai: Sai is a friend of Dr. Uru. He is a bit shy and tends to be more cautious of the two aliens.
  • Dr. Uru: Dr. Uru is an explorer and friend of Sai. These two aliens often find themselves getting into trouble.

Match Modes[]

There are six modes of gameplay which is chosen by the room master, namely Death Match, Team Death Match, Protect Essence,Tag Play, VIP Mode and Practice Mode.
Two players are required to start Team/Death Match and four players are required to start Essence/VIP. There are no player requirements to start Practice.
In protect essence mode, the player has to protect a purple diamond shaped object called an "Essence" for the longest time, in Vip mode, the aim is to kill the "VIP" who will be assigned to be one randomly, in Tag Play one player is randomly selected to become "battery man" while the rest of the player have to kill him, then there is practice mode which serves as a training ground for beginners, and no experience is gained.


A variety of entertaining and challenging maps are created to reflect the Japanese style of anime and especially the manga category. Each map is independent from the others in style and function. A player may choose to be in a map inspired by the real-world Thames River in London for one game, and then switch over to one that's a larger than life recreation of a detailed dollhouse.[3] The current maps are: Moon, Garden, City Front, Diorama, Doll House, Flying Castle, Ossyria, Ground Zero, Temple of Fear, and Bridge.


Skill Cards can be obtained from the CardShop or inside a game. Every player will have four card slots when they are in a game. Skills can be used when the Skill Gauge reaches a certain level. The skill Gauge is filled when the player inflicts or takes damage. Skills grant special abilities to a player temporarily, such as becoming invisible or transforming into a powerful being. Skill cards can be enabled or disabled in specific game rooms.

GM Events[]

Occasionally, there are GM events. These are events where players can obtain rare or good items from a game master (GM). Players are notified 10 minutes before an event starts. The GM will create a room and announce the password so the fastest players can enter. Usually the event is just a normal match.


Currently, only the North America (Global) version of the game is available. IP blocking is used in some countries to prevent a player from creating multiple accounts. However, attempts can be made to bypass this.


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