Manhunt 2

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Manhunt 2 is the sequel to Manhunt. It is a third-person stealth, horror action game. Just like the first game, this game also revolves around sneaking, and removing your enemies silent. In addition, just like the first game, this game also generated a lot of controversy and problems. In some countries, like Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom, this game was banned. However, it was shortly after legal to buy it in the United Kingdom.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The core of the gameplay is simple but effective; stay in the shadows and avoid detection while removing your enemies. Just like the first game, this game also contains explicit amount of violence and it is depicted in a rather brutal manner. Most of the functions from the first game, and upgraded graphics are all in the game. Staying in shadows means you are hidden, running is noisy, throwing bricks and bottles will lure enemies out and so on. In the aspect of gameplay, it is mostly identical to the first game, the true difference about this game is the plot, as the plot was given more time to be written.