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Manuel Calavera

Manny in his white tux.

Game series Grim Fandango
First appearance Grim Fandango 1998
Alias: Manny
Occupation: Travel agent of Department of Death/LSA member/Club owner/ship captain
Nationality: Latino
Species: skeleton
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Birth date: unknown
Birthplace: unknown
Likes: Meche
Dislikes: Domino & Hector
Hobbies: smoking
Family: unknown
Home: El Marrow, Rubacava, S.S. Lola, & finally 9th Underworld.
Weapon(s): Sythe
Creator(s): Tim Schafer
Voice actor(s): Tony Plana

Manny Calavera is the main protagonist of Grim Fandango, who worked as a Grim Reaper for the Department of Death in El Marrow. However he doesn't have a liking for his job, because a lot of his clients have bad records of their previous life. Manny eventually becomes suspicious about why he never gets any clients with good records.


Manny made a Cameo appearance in the third Monkey Island game as a dead pirate.