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“It's not about what's best for's about doing what is right.” — Mari, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Mari is the daughter of the Mayor, and later, the mayor herself (eighth generation), of the Raposa Village. She was one of the four Raposa, other than Jowee, her father, and Cindi, left in the village after the darkness swept over. Biography Edit In the beginning of Drawn to Life, Mari is the only Raposa to still believe in the Creator, and that he had not completely abandoned them. Mari, along with her friend Jowee, opened Creation Hall, and asked the Creator to make a Hero out of the mannequin. Her best friend is Jowee, a Raposa she has known her entire life, who, close to the beginning of the game, developed a crush on her. Jowee and Mari have been best friends ever since they were little. She once said that they use to goof off together and throw rocks in the Wishing Well.

Mari has been the leader of the village ever since Wilfre killed her father.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit | edit source]

Added by Webj444 Mari is shown to be handling all the mayor duties in Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter. At some point, she joins Wilfre because of something that he showed her. It is later revealed that Wilfre had told her that if they restored the color, they would all die. He also showed her Mike in Real Life during his coma. Afterwards, though, she rejoined her villagers against Wilfre, and led the prayer to the Creator to help the Hero and "to give them strength to do what is right".

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)[edit | edit source]

Non-canon warning! This article contains information that is not considered part of the Drawn to Life storyline.

Mari's appearance in the Wii sequel is generally the same as the DS versions, but her hair is shorter. Read more