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Mario Kart 8 is a racing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U. Returning from Mario Kart Wii is the ability to preform tricks, which give the player a small speed boost if executed properly. A returning feature from Mario Kart 7 means that karts can transform into both aerial and aquatic forms as well as use a new ability to employ anti-gravity effects, which allows for some very creative track designs. There can be up to 12 characters in a race, both in online and single player. It is the first game in the series to feature HD graphics, and an orchestrated soundtrack.

Playable Characters[]


Legend of Zelda Pack[]

  • Link
  • Tanooki Mario
  • Tanooki Peach

Animal Crossing Pack[]


  • Red Shell (x1 and x3)
  • Green Shell (x1 and x3)
  • Banana (x1 and x3)
  • Coin
  • Mushroom (x1 and x3)
  • Golden Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Star
  • Blooper
  • Bob-omb
  • Spiny Blue Shell
  • Lightning
  • Bullet Bill
  • Boomerang Flower
  • Piranha Plant
  • Crazy 8
  • Super Horn


New Courses
Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Mario Kart Stadium Mario Circuit Sunshine Airport Cloudtop Cruise
Water Park Toad Harbor Dolphin Shoals Bone-Dry Dunes
Sweet Sweet Canyon Twisted Mansion Electrodrome Bowser's Castle
Thwomp Ruins Shy Guy Falls Mount Wario Rainbow Road
Retro Courses
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
Wii Moo Moo Meadows GCN Dry Dry Desert DS Wario Stadium DS Tick-Tock Clock
GBA Mario Circuit SNES Donut Plains 3 GCN Sherbet Land 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
DS Cheep Cheep Beach N64 Royal Raceway 3DS Music Park Wii Grumble Volcano
N64 Toad's Turnpike 3DS DK Jungle N64 Yoshi Valley N64 Rainbow Road
DLC Courses
Egg Cup Triforce Cup Crossing Cup Bell Cup
GCN Yoshi Circuit Wii Wario's Gold Mine GCN Baby Park 3DS Neo Bowser City
Excitebike Arena SNES Rainbow Road GBA Cheese Land GBA Ribbon Road
Dragon Driftway Ice Ice Outpost Wild Woods Super Bell Subway
Mute City Hyrule Circuit Animal Crossing Big Blue