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One of the most populated spinoff series in the Mario franchise is Mario Party. Mario Party is a simplistic board game, with Mario-esque influences such as items, characters, and locations. Although core gameplay has remained consistent throughout it's lifespan, Mario Party offers new and innovative features in each subsequent release.


The players choose their character, with the remaining slots becoming filled by bots. The players will also choose their board (each have their own theme and gimmicks) as well as the length of the game and the difficulty setting of the bots.


Note: This only covers basic gameplay. For in-depth gameplay for each release, please see their respective pages below.

At the beginning of the game, each character hits a dice block to see who goes first (the highest number goes first.) After the rotation has been settled, the first character takes their turn, which consists of hitting a dice block (numbered 1-10). The character then proceeds to move across the board until they've reached their destination, depending on their location, a different event will happen (for instance, landing on a blue space will reward the character some blue coins). After all players/bots take their turn, a mini-game roulette begins and the chosen mini-game is played in its entirety, which, depending on the spaces the players land on, can be a free for all, 1-vs-3 or 2-vs-2 match.





  • Donkey Kong was removed as a playable character starting with Mario Party 5 and does not appear as a playable character until Mario Party 10. Interestingly enough, Mario Party 10 is also the first game in the series to feature Bowser as a playable character, but only in two modes.
  • Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach are the only characters who appeared in every version of Mario Party.