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This is a list of minigames in Mario Party 4.


  • Manta Rings-Players swim underwater,trying to go through rings. Golden rings placed by the Manta Ray from Super Mario 64 are worth three normal rings, and players who hit underwater obstacles such as bloopers or an eel lose points.
  • Slime Time-Players are stuck to the "slime" in the title, and must escape by running up a straight path to a circular safety point. This game involves rapidly hitting the "A" button.
  • Booksquirm-Players are in a book with circular, crescent-shaped, and star-shaped holes. As the pages in the book turn, players must run to a hole in the book.
  • Mario Medley-A swimming game. Players do one length of a pool swimming the backstroke, butterfly, and front crawl. However, players have a heartbeat limiter.
  • Avalanche!-Players quickly ski down a mountain, avoiding an avalanche and rock obstacles along the way. Jumps help players speed, while running into the sheer cliffs on either side impede it.
  • Domination-Players use hammers to set up Whomp dominoes. This is another game that involves quickly hitting the "A" button.
  • Paratrooper Plunge-Players fall through the sky, attempting to collect coins and coin bags while avoiding Shy Guys and Parakoopas. Players who hit the flying enemies four times are eliminated.
  • Toad's Quick Draw-Players use pop guns to shoot down the balloon corresponding to the flag that Toad raises. Players who shoot the correct balloon first three times win.
  • Three Throw-Players try to get baskets on the moving hoops. There are three rows of basketball hoops, and the middle hoops are worth two normal hoops.
  • Photo Finish-Players try to put together a six-piece puzzle that has a moving picture together. The first player to complete the puzzle wins.
  • Mr. Blizzard's Brigade-Players avoid snowball-throwing snowmen. Players who are hit are frozen. Last player standing wins.
  • Bob-omb Breakers-Similar to Tetris. Players earn one point per block broken. Three blocks of the same shape touching are required for the blocks to be broken. First player to 100 points wins.
  • Long Claw of the Law-Players use a long claw to grab the "wanted" character. Characters include: Shy Guys, Thwomps, Chomps, Boos, and Goombas. First player to capture three of the wanted character wins.
  • Stamp Out!-Players have their own colored stamp. Players try to color as much of a piece of paper. When time is up, the player with the highest percentage colored wins.
  • Mario Speedwagons-A simple racing game. Players race in Formula 1-style race cars rather than the often-used karts. No steering is required, and this mini-game is won by getting a good start, then shifting gears when the red indicator blinks.
  • Take A Breather-Players have a short span of time to take breaths, by alternately pressing the L and R shoulder buttons. The player that holds their breath the longest wins.

1 vs. 3[]

Team tries to eliminate solo player[]

  • Candlelight Flight-Single player holds a candle, while the others have water guns and try to put it out. Five hits are required to extinguish the candle.
  • Makin' Waves-Single player is on a shell-like floating device in the middle of a pool. The others have similar floating tubes and must ground pound to make waves, hopefully knocking over the middle player. The single player can run around to offset the unbalance made by the waves.
  • Tree Stomp-The three players are in tree "robots" which have spikes on the front and back and must try and hit the single player, who can only run to stay away from the tree "robots." Bananas are thrown out by Ukiki, some of which cause players to slip and fall, but glowing bananas cause players to move faster than normal. This is helpful for the robots, but not for the single player, who is more susceptible when moving inordinately fast.
  • GOOOOOOOAL!-Players try and score on the single player, who is the goalie. Ten goals are required for a three player victory.

Solo player tries to eliminate team[]

  • Hide and Go BOOM!-Three players hide in four cannons, more than one player can hide per cannon. Single player has three guesses to eliminate all players by lighting the wicks of the cannons. Only one player not shot out of a cannon is required for a three player win.
  • Blame it on the Crane-Similar to "Crane Game" from the earlier Mario Party games. Single player controls a crane, while three players and numerous Shy Guys are in clear balls. Single player must capture all three other players to win.
  • Hop or Pop-Single player is in spiky ball, while other three are in bouncy balls. Single player must pop all other three players to win.

Same objective for both sides

  • Fish n' Drips-The single player has to hit seven buttons in sequential order to pump the same amount of water as the three players hitting one button each. First team to pump enough water to fill up the bowl for Lakitu's Cheep Cheep wins. Also, if the single player makes a mistake, he must start over again, if one of the three players makes a mistake, they don't have to restart.
  • Money Belts-Players run on a conveyor belt littered with candy and coins. If they fall off, they must wait to be re-placed and miss any coins or money bags that go past their place. Players in the team of three get all of the cumalative coins their team gets.

2 vs. 2[]

Teamwork required

  • The Great Deflate-Players ground pound on inflated Thwomps. Teamwork is helpful, as if the two players ground pound at the same time more of the Thwomp will be deflated.
  • Team Treasure Trek-A maze-like game, which requires each player to navigate their way to a box matching their team color. One contains a treasure chest, and the other a key. Once both have been obtained, the two players must meet each other to open the chest and get their coins.
  • Pair-a-Sailing-One player pilots a boat, and the other parasail to grab coins in mid-air. In this game, there is no defined winner; players just try to get as many coins as possible in the time allotted.
  • Dungeon Duos-In this complex game, players must escape from a dungeon. Players must open doors via rapidly pressing the "B" button, cross chasms by rotating a skinny platform, which players can only cross one at a time, find and jump into the correct warp pipe(there are many to choose from), and finally pump up a hot air balloon. The first team to successfully complete this wins.
  • Right Oar Left?-Players must row through an underground cave in a boat in the likeness of the dinosaur-like creature from Super Mario 64's Hazy Maze Cave. Obstacles include fire shooters and stalagmites.

Teamwork not required

  • Revers-a-Bomb-Players are on opposite sides of a board with Bob-Ombs traveling along it. Switches on either side of the board reverse the Bob-Ombs' path, which is the only way to stop them. The team that's side of the board gets hit by Bob-Ombs ten times loses, or if there is no loser after time runs out, the team that has gotten hit more loses.
  • Cliffhangers-Players climb up a mountain in pairs, with one person as the leader, and one holding the end of the rope. Both players must still climb, but with the player holding the rope further down the mountain. The main obstacle in this mini-game is the fierce winds on the mountain path. If the winds blow, players need to hold onto the side of the mountain before the winds subside. If a player doesn't hold onto the mountain when the winds blow, they fall to the altitude of the second player. First team to reach the top of the mountain wins.
  • Order Up-Players must choose from a variety of covered plates until they correctly give Toad the two items of food he wants. First team to correctly give Toad his meal three times wins.
  • Cheep Cheep Sweep-Players have nets to catch Cheep Cheeps with. Yellow Cheep Cheeps are worth three normal Cheep Cheeps. Nets only hold three Cheep Cheeps, and they must be emptied into the team's enclosure for them to count towards their score. Team with the most Cheep Cheeps caught once time runs out wins.


  • Trace Race-Similar to Crazy Cutter from the earlier Mario Party games. Players must copy as closely as possible the pre-drawn line with their crayon. Scores are calculated by percentage of how close to the original line players' drawings are.
  • Chain Chomp Fever-Players must avoid a Chain Chomp who will run at players and try and knock them off of the small island they are on into lava. Cracks on the island will spout lava which can also eliminate players. Last man standing wins.
  • Paths of Peril-Players must quickly traverse a thin, crooked path. There are also multiple crossroads, and a wrong turn can further delay players' passage. Players who fall off the path will be re-placed, which will further delay players. First player to reach the end wins.
  • Bowser's Bigger Blast-The exact same game as Bowser's Big Blast from Mario Party 2.
  • Butterfly Blitz-Players try and catch as many butterflies as possible in a minute. Yellow butterflies are worth one point, red ones are worth two, and blue butterflies are worth five. The player with the most points wins.
  • Rumble Fishing-Players go fishing.


  • Darts of Doom-Players play darts. Three circles appear on a spinning dart board. The circles move about randomly. Once the player hits the "A" button, the darts are thrown where the three circles are, and points are calculated in a similar, if simplified, way to a real darts game. Players who hit the middle where a Bowser symbol is automatically lose. The person with the least amount of points after one turn each loses.
  • Fruits of Doom-Bowser first lists the fruits that he wants. This list goes by very quickly so that it is almost impossible to know what he wants. Players then take fruits to Bowser. The fruits are on various platters, and players only have five seconds to choose which fruit bring. The first player to bring an incorrect fruit to Bowser loses.
  • Balloon of Doom-Players ground pound on a pump which blows up a Bowser balloon. This continues until the balloon is eventually popped because it is too big, or until someone doesn't pump at all. Whoever popped the balloon (or doesn't pump at all) loses.


(done when first completing the board game in story mode)

  • Bowser Bop(Toad's Midway Madness)-The player goes against Toad. The player and Toad are both in a room where Koopa Kid and Bowser heads pop out from various holes. The player and Toad both have a hammer that they use to hit the Bowser heads with. If the player hits more heads than Toad, the player wins.
  • Mystic Match 'Em(Boo's Haunted Bash)-A matching card game. The player and Boo are given three cards. There are only four different pictures on the cards, a piano, a trumpet, a violin, and a flute. For each turn, the player can discard one card and pick a new one. If the player gets three matching cards before Boo, the player wins.
  • Archaeologuess(Shy Guy's Jungle Jam)-The player and Shy Guy are in a room with six spinning rocks. One of the rocks is different from the others, but it can be hard to tell because the rocks are spinning at different angles and different speeds. To guess which rock is different, the player must run under the rock and hit the "A" button. If they are wrong, the rock falls on them, and they can then pick another rock. After the correct rock is picked, the rocks are replaced with completely different ones, and another round begins. If the player picks the correct rock three times before Shy Guy can, the player wins.
  • Goomba's Chip Flip(Goomba's Greedy Gala)-A fairly simple chips game. Twenty chips are scattered on a table. The player and Goomba take turns picking a chip. Under the chips are numbers ranging from -10 to 20. If the player reaches 50 points before Goomba, the player wins.
  • Kareening Koopas(Koopa's Seaside Soiree)-The player controls a tiltable board. On it are four Koopa shells and four shallow holes. The player must try to get all four Koopa shells into the holes. If the player does this three times before Koopa, the player wins.


  • The Final Battle-A long final game that serves as the ending for the Story Mode of the game. For this game, players have ten hearts. A heart is lost every time the player runs into fire, is hit by a tornado or lightning bolt, or is knocked by Bowser. If the player falls into the lava surrounding every platform in this game, he will die and have to start the entire game over. The player first must navigate a series of three platforms with spinning fire. After this, the player must move the three pieces of a Koopa Kid puzzle with Ground Pounds to get the full picture while two Koopa Kids are dropping fireballs and hurling tornadoes. Next is similar to the first, except this time the spinning fire is moving much quicker. After this, there is another puzzle that is similar to the first, except that it contains eight pieces and is a Bowser puzzle. While the player is trying to do the puzzle, Bowser throws his fire boomerang. All of the previous puzzles/platforming stages have a time limit of sixty seconds. Once the player completes the previous stages, "The Final Battle" begins. It is similar to some of the Super Mario boss battles. There are five raised circular platforms spaced evenly around the circle battle arena. The player must ground pound on these platforms. Once three have been pounded, they will create a triangle. If Bowser is inside of the triangle five seconds after it is formed, he will be struck by lightning. This must be repeated five times to kill Bowser. After getting hit each time, Bowser gets faster.
  • Bowser Wrestling-Occurs only in Bowser's Gnarly Party when a player goes past the Bowser space on the map while using a Mega Mushroom. In this mini-game, the player must alternate hitting the "R" and "L" shoulder buttons to wrestle Bowser. However, the player must watch his mushroom meter which depletes as the player hits the buttons. Sometimes, mushrooms will appear on the ground, which, if run over by the player, completely regenerate his mushroom meter.*Panels of Doom-Occurs only in Bowser's Gnarly Party when a player goes past the Bowser space on the map while using a Mega Mushroom. In this mini-game, there are nine spaces for the player to stand on. The player chooses one, and Bowser chooses one. The player then rolls the die, which has all of the numbers of the spaces, plus the faces of the two players playing. Whichever number is rolled, that space breaks. If a face is rolled, that player's space breaks, and that player loses.