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Mario Party 5 is the 5th entry in the Mario Party series, the 2nd game to be featured on the Nintendo GameCube. An arcade remake, titled Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party, was released in Japan in 2004.

"Dream Depot"[]

In the night sky, past the moon and beyond the stars, there's a dream world known as Dream Depot, where everyone's dreams come together. This is the real land of dreams... In this land there are Star Guards who protect the dreams of all.

One dreamy night, the Star Guards thought of something.

"Many dreams arrive here at Dream Depot every day," they said, "so...why don't we offer those with he power of dreaming a chance to visit."

In the end, they decided to invite Mario and his closest friends because, when it comes to dreamers, nobody dreams bigger than they do.

So the Star Guards prepared for their guests' arrival by creating many fun-filled games for them to play. And that is how the story of Mario and his friends both old and new began!


Playable Characters[]

Other Characters[]

  • Donkey Kong
  • Eldstar
  • Mamar
  • Skolar
  • Misstar
  • Klevar
  • Kalmar
  • Muskular


  • Party Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Mini-Game Mode
  • Super Duel Mode
  • Bonus Mode
  • Options Mode


  • Toy Dream
  • Rainbow Dream
  • Pirate Dream
  • Undersea Dream
  • Future Dream
  • Sweet Dream


Capsules are a new element added to Mario Party 5 that spices the gameplay up a little bit. Characters can obtain these by going to a capsule vendor or picking them up on areas around the board.

Movement Capsules[]

  • Mushroom - Adds an extra dice block for that turn.
  • Super Mushroom - Adds two dice blocks for that turn.
  • Cursed Mushroom - Limits the numbers on the dice block from 1-5.
  • Warp Pipe - Switch places with another player.
  • Clepto - Switch places with another player.
  • Bubble - By burning up the rest of your capsules, you can move 10 spaces.
  • Wiggler - Takes you to the star space.

Coin Capsules[]

  • Hammer Bro - takes 10 coins from whoever lands on the space.
  • Coin Block - Give 10 coins to whoever lands on the space.
  • Spiny - takes 10 coins from whoever the roulette wheel lands on.
  • Paratroopa - takes coins from all players
  • Bullet Bill - takes 30 coins from all players you pass while riding it.
  • Goomba - Switches coins with whoever the roulette wheel lands on.
  • Pirahna Plant - Takes half the amount of coins from whoever lands on the space.
  • Bob-omb - Countsdown. Whoever lands on the space when it explodes takes 20 coins.
  • Koopa Bank - Takes coins from whoever passes it. Whoever lands on it, gets all the stored coin.

Even More Capsules[]

  • Kamek - Shuffles everybody's capsules.
  • Mr. Blizzard - Takes all capsules from whoever lands on the space.
  • Magikoopa - Switch capsules with whoever the roulette wheel lands on.
  • Ukiki - Takes the capsules from whoever lands on the space, and throws them on the board.
  • Lakitu - Steals capsules from whoever lands on the space.

Even More Goodies[]

  • Tweester - Changes star space location.
  • Duel - 1vs1 Mini-Game.
  • Chain Chomp - Takes coins/stars from whoever you want.
  • Bones - Protects again Chain Chomps.
  • Bowser - Bowser Space will take over a red space.
  • Chance - Roulette wheel to see who loses/receives coins or stars.
  • Miracle - Collect 3 to steal all the stars from the player in 1st place.