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Marx in Kirby Super Star

Game Series Kirby Series
First Appearance Kirby Super Star

Marx' makes his first appearance in "Milky Way Wishes" within the game Kirby Super Star. When the sun and moon start fighting each other, a jester-like person named Marx told Kirby that the only way to stop the fight between the two was to gather the stars from nearby planets and use them to summon NOVA, a planet-sized machine that can grant wishes. After gathering the stars and summoning NOVA, Kirby was then knocked away by Marx, who then made his own wish: to dominate Pop Star. He actually tricked the sun and moon to fight each other, and used them to initiate his plan to take over the planet. Afterwards, NOVA began movement towards Pop Star, leaving Kirby alone in space. The stars Kirby gathered, however, created a spacecraft for him to chase after them with. NOVA was suddenly stopped by the sun and moon, giving Kirby the chance to enter NOVA. After destroying it's core, NOVA was wounded, infuriating Marx who then proceeded to attack Kirby. Kirby won, however, sending Marx flying in to the remains of NOVA, destroying them in the process.

Marx's battle theme was remixed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It is assumed that Marx will reappear in Kirby Super Star Ultra, a remake of the original Kirby Super Star.

Marx be find on Kirby's Return to Dream Land