Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station

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Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station
Basic Information
BioWare Corporation, Demiurge Studios
Electronic Arts, Microsoft Game Studios
Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Action, RPG, Third-person Shooter
Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360
Xbox One
Origin, Xbox Games Store
Origin Platform(s)
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station
Content Descriptor(s)
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows
August 252009
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Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station was the second DLC for Mass Effect, released as a pay-for DLC to Xbox 360 and PC owners on August 25, 2009. While the DLC cannot be purchased on Origin (although it was originally available for individual purchase), if the user redeems a retail Mass Effect serial key, or purchases the Mass Effect Trilogy on PC via Origin, Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky is unlocked automatically (this DLC was not included with the Mass Effect Trilogy on the PlayStation 3, as the DLC could not be ported over due to the source code becoming corrupted). If purchased via the Xbox Games Store, this DLC becomes available to users on both the Xbox 360, and those playing it on the Xbox One via the backward compatibility feature (Xbox One and Xbox 360 users can install the DLC via "Manage Game").

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station includes access to a new location: Pinnacle Station. This includes new missions, new explorable locations, and new achievements.

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