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Mature from KOF XII

Game Series King of Fighters series
First Appearance The King of Fighters '96

Mature (マチュア, Mature) is a video game character from The King of Fighters series.


Mature was developed as a "ruthless woman" by the chief game planner of The King of Fighters '95. Things became hectic when the concept began being developed as a character, until a staff member suggested that Rugal's secretary from The King of Fighters '94 be used as base.

Many of Mature special moves are music references. Examples include Despair, Deicide, Crematory, Ebony Tears, Sacrilege and Nocturnal Rites. Also, Metal Massacre is not only a very early song by Metallica, but it is also the name used for various compilation albums dating back to the early 80's.

Her special attack "Deicide" (ディーサイド, Dīsaido) was mistranslated as "Da Cide" in some localizations.


Mature is one of the two Orochi assassins (the second being Vice) that work for Goenitz, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi.

Mature disposes of those who oppose the Orochi as commanded by her master Goenitz. Her ultimate goal was to liberate the Orochi power and she accomplished this when Goenitz killed the heir of the Clan of the Yata. The Orochi power, however, was still weak so they decided to bide their time. Some time later, Rugal Bernstein tried to take control of the Orochi power. Upon learning this, Goenitz went to face Rugal and gouged out his right eye as punishment. Surprised that he was still alive, Goenitz allowed him to possess a small part of the Orochi power, but warns him not to use it until necessary since it would eventually kill him.

Goenitz then assigned Mature and Vice to keep an eye on Rugal to make sure he doesn't do anything to jeopardize the Orochi clan. Mature and Vice became Rugal's secretaries and aided him in the organization of the first two King of Fighters tournaments that had team battle rules. Mature was assigned to take care of the details of the first tournament in 1994. Mature did not see any display of Orochi power from Rugal during that year, but he unleashed it in the tournament the following year. As scheduled, Rugal died from the overwhelming power. With their mission accomplished, Mature and Vice returned to Goenitz.

Once reunited with their master, Goenitz assigned them a new "client". He was Iori Yagami, bearer of Orochi blood and a candidate for joining their cause. Mature and Vice both went to meet Iori and decided to play with him before offering their help. Afterwards, Iori and his two female assassins formed a team for the new King of Fighters tournament. During the tournament, however, Mature noticed how powerful Iori could be from his display of strength and his determination. Mature even considered him to be more powerful than Goenitz. The two assassins decided that it was in their best interest to side with Iori against Goenitz. When the finals came up, Mature and Vice knew that Goenitz was going to strike, so they warned Iori who went after Goenitz. As planned, Iori fought against Goenitz since he considered Kyo to be his to kill. Goenitz quickly realized that he had been betrayed by Mature and Vice. Upon his defeat, Goenitz cursed both assassins and told them that they would die at the hands of their "savior". Not understanding what their former employer meant, Mature and Vice went to assist Iori, but Iori began to enter the Riot of Blood. Realizing too late that Iori was unable to control his Orochi power, Mature and Vice suffered the cutting edge of Iori's hands and were left to die. However they somehow survived and will appear in KOF XIII.


Mature is determined to kill anyone who opposes her goals. She freely sided with Iori in order to awaken Orochi without Goenitz's help. Mature usually enchants anyone before she goes in for the kill. In Mature's eyes, any method that guarantees victory is viable, even if it means using her considerable charms. She, along with Vice, has the intention to purge the world by releasing Orochi from its seal. If Vice was to be the cruel woman, then Mature is definitely the ruthless woman. She manipulates Iori and betrays her master Goenitz in order to achieve her goals.

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