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Medal of Honor is available in 12 different languages, and on Sony Platforms,e.g. PlayStation Portable ( PSP ) And PlayStation 2. There is due to be another Medal Of Honor Series Game released by Sony, on the 16th of September, 2009.


Medal of Honor: 10th[]


The Medal of Honor: 10th Anniversary Edition was released by EA on September 22, 2008 for PC. It contains five games Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Medal of Honor Spearhead, Medal of Honor Breakthrough, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Director's Edition, and Medal of Honor Airborne. It also contains an exclusive Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary soundtrack, featuring 14 tracks, strategy guides, documentaries on World War II Propaganda and interviews with veterans, behind the scenes footage, and exclusive weapons.

Medal of Honor Collection[]


The Medal of Honor Collection is a PS2 compilation released on March 6, 2007 that contains Medal of Honor Frontline, Medal of Honor Rising Sun, and Medal of Honor European Assault

Medal of Honor Allied Assault: War Chest[]


Medal of Honor Allied Assault: War Chest is a compilation released on March 2, 2004 for the PC containing Allied Assault and its two expansions Spearhead and Breakthrough.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Deluxe Edition[]


Medal of Honor Allied Assault Deluxe Edition was released on May 19, 2003 for the PC which contains Allied Assault, a strategy guide and an behind-the-scenes disc of Allied Assault.