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The Mega Duck and Cougar Boy with identical games for both systems.

The Mega Duck WG-108 (also known as Cougar Boy) is a handheld game console similar to the Nintendo Game Boy, or the Watara Supervision.

The "Mega Duck" was produced by several companies, Creatonic, Videojet, and Timlex, and came on the market in 1993 to be mainly sold in France, the Netherlands and Germany for about €60 ( fl 129,- ). In South America, mainly in Brazil, the Chinese-made Creatonic version was distributed by Cougar USA, also known as "Cougar electronic organization [sic]", and sold as the "Cougar Boy".

The cartridges are very similar to the ones of the Watari Supervision, but slightly less wide, and having fewer contacts (36 pins, the Watari has 40). Conceptionally the electronics inside the Supervision and the Mega Duck, are also very similar. the position of the volume and contrast controls, the buttons and connectors are virtually identical. However, the LCD of the Supervision is larger than the Mega Duck's.

The cougar boy came with a 4-in-one game cartridge, and a stereo earphone.

With an external joystick (not included) two players could play against each other simultaneously.

List of games

Order Code Name Game theme
CB001 THE BRICK WALL Breakout (brick) game
CB002 STREET RIDER F1 racing game
CB003 BOMB DISPOSER Bomberman clone
CB004 VEX Unknown
CB006 ARCTIC ZONE Shoot icecubes
CB007 MAGIC MAZE Maze game
CB008 PUPPET KNIGHT Jousting Knight
CB009 TRAP AND TURN Ball game
CB010 PILE WONDER Box pushing game
CB013 BLACK FOREST TALE Little red riding hood theme game
CB018 SNAKE'S ROY Monster
CB019 RAILWAY Kids Railway
CB029 MAGIC TOWER Platform game with scissors, stone, paper theme
CB030 WORM VISITOR Frogger clone
CB035 FOUR IN ONE Four games see below
CB035b DICE BLOCK Dominoes
CB035c TROUBLE ZONE Tetris with numbers ?
CB035d VIRUS ATTACK SF shooter

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