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Mega Man

Mega Man as he appears in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Game Series Mega Man classic series
First Appearance Mega Man (1987)
Alias: The Blue Bomber
Alter Ego: Rock
Japanese Name: Rockman
Species: Robot
Gender: Male (actually genderless)
Special Skill(s): Stealin' robot's Mojo
Creator(s): Keiji Inafune

Mega Man is among the most well known characters in video games. The creation of Capcom, he is also known as Rock Man in Japan, or by his nickname, The Blue Bomber. The character of Mega Man was created in 1987 by Keiji Inafune at Capcom of Japan, which was then a small company eager to make a breakthrough with a new platform game.

In the story behind the original series, Rock is a robot created as a lab assistant by scientists Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily; following treachery by Dr. Wily, Rock was converted into a fighting robot to defend the world from Wily's violent creations. Thus he becomes Mega Man (Rockman in the Japanese original).

Mega Man in Other Series[]

Over the years, as Mega Man branched out into several series, he has been redesigned many different ways. These redesigns stretch from the classic look that began on the NES (left) that stars in Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 8, the future Mega Man X that stars in Mega Man X through Mega Man X8 and Command Mission, the helmetless Mega Man that starred in Mega Man Legends and finally the alternate story Mega Man from Mega Man Battle Network.

Mega Man X[]

Mega Man X - too X-treme for you

Back in the old days, Dr. Light created a robot called X with astounding artificial intelligence - X had the ability to think, feel, and decide for himself. However, he didn't have time to fully test the robot, and, hoping that someone in the future would, he sealed X in a time capsule.

Much, much later, a man by the name of Dr. Cain found Dr. Light's dilapidated laboratory and X. He released the robot and, rather hastily, went about duplicating the schematics and programming as best he could. These robots became known as Reploids.

However, Cain didn't do a very good job, and many of the Reploids began to think for themselves too much. Some rebelled against humanity and wanted to overthrow their fleshy overlords. These maverick Reploids were called ... Mavericks.

X, still loyal to humankind and with the strength of Dr. Light's engineering prowess, became a Maverick Hunter. He fights to save the world from rebellious robots.

Mega Man Legends[]

Main article: Mega Man Trigger

Over a thousand years into the future of the Mega Man universe, Mega Man is known as Mega Man Trigger. Trigger's primary function was as a Purifier Unit on a synthetic planet called Elysium, a place that housed what is called the "Master System". The purpose of the Master System was to watch over and govern all the carbons on Terra. His job as a Purifier Unit was to eliminate any units that threatened the Master System. Thus, Trigger was quite similar to a typical Maverick Hunter from the X Series. Trigger also served as the Master's special assistant throughout his tenure as a Purifier Unit.

However, when Mega Man tried to carry out the final command of the Master (to destroy the Master System), Sera (Mother Unit of Elysium) tried to stop him in a bitter fight thinking Mega Man had become an Aberrant Unit. Although Trigger was victorious, he was so fatally damaged that he had to have all of his memory wiped out and reset to its original configuration as a newborn baby with his assistant Data storing his old memories. Then Yuna sealed him away in suspended animation inside a Nino Island ruin where Barrell Caskett would eventually discover him and Data.

When Barrell found Trigger and Data and touched the capsule he and Data were sealed in, the capsule melted away and awoke the pair out of their suspended animation. Barrell then took the baby under his care and with his granddaughter Roll's advice, named him Mega Man Volnutt. Mega Man was then raised as Barrell's adopted grandson, and as soon as Mega Man was old enough, he embarked on the life of a Digger searching for refractors and other resources for the Caskett family's survival as well as defeating the Bonnes, other pirates, and many Reaverbots in his many adventures.


This version of Mega Man has lived two completely different lives. This is in contrast to all his other incarnations in the other series where he lives only one life and one basic role throughout the duration of the series. His first life as Mega Man Trigger is quite similar to that of the Maverick Hunters in the X Series where his role on Elysium was to protect the Master System from Aberrant Units as well as serve as the Master's special assistant. Thus, Trigger was one of the greatest and highest ranking Purifier Units, much like X was as a Maverick Hunter and Mega Man was as a robotic hero.

On the other hand, his second life as Mega Man Volnutt is actually closer in similarity to another key aspect of both the original Mega Man and X. Mega Man Volnutt does not like fighting and only does so as a last resort (as evidenced by his regret for "not taking it easy" on the Bonnes in Legends 1). Other than that however, Mega Man Volnutt is simply another Digger in search of adventure, refractors, and other treasure just like all the rest on Terra.

Mega Man Battle Network[]

Main article: MegaMan.EXE

The Mega Man here is largely unrelated to any of the original Mega Man creations. Mega Man is a NetNavi, sentient computer programs that venture through the Internet for them their operators. He is owned by Lan Hikari. Lan uses Mega Man to fight his way through cyberspace defeating viruses that are trying to take over the world.

The Mega Man Battle Network series takes place in an alternate time line in which the government decided to fund the development of network technology invented by Dr Light, instead of robotics technology invented by Dr Wily.

Super Smash Bros.[]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS[]

Mega Man appears as a playable fighter.

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