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Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a collection of the first eight "traditional" Mega Man games, as well as some bonus content. Released for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and the GameCube.

Games Included[]

Mega Man version differences[]

Many of the the Mega Man games has differences from the NES and SNES versions:

  • Mega Man now has an option to play remixed music during gameplay.
  • You can now save your games.
  • Mega Man 2 has had the difficulty setting removed. The ending music also suddenly skips to the ending credit music; the NES version eases into the ending credit music.
  • Mega Man 7 has multiple changes made, including Bass saying "Damn" in the SNES version being changed to "Darn". Also, the ending cutscene has been entirely removed for unknown reasons.
  • The GameCube version of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection reverses the fire and jump buttons; there is no option to reverse this change.