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Melvor Idle is an idle game developed and published by Malcs. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on November 20, 2020.


This is an idle game, where players can train 20+ unique skills and power their way through endless encounters, while progressively unlocking more powerful content to aid in their adventure.


  • Extremely in-depth Combat system, with 8 different unique Combat Skills to train, as well as countless Dungeons, Bosses and Lore to visit.
  • 13 Non-Combat Skills to train to aid in your adventures, all with individual mechanics and interactions with each other.
  • Over 900 unique items for you to discover and try out
  • 150 unique, powerful Monsters to face, including 16 Bosses awaiting at the end of Dungeons.
  • Over 20 very cute Pets to collect!
  • Skilling Mastery System to help enhance your Non-Combat Skills in many different ways.
  • No prestige mechanics. There is always something new to unlock in your journey.
  • Offline progression for Non-Combat Skills, with Combat Skills planned to be released soon as per the Official Development Roadmap
  • Cloud Saving functionality that is also compatible with all versions of the game on other Platforms. You can play the same save everywhere else!
  • Fully fledged out and interactive Bank/Inventory System.
  • Solo Developer, Monthly content updates, and planned expansions after full-release.


  • This game features no microtransactions.
  • It was made using HTML5.
  • It was made by only one person.

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