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Metal Gear
Basic Information

The Metal Gear Series is a series of stealth action video games usually masterminded by the mythical Hideo Kojima. They began on the MSX. When the games jumped over to the PlayStation, they added a new "Solid" to the title. The games have carried that name ever since.

The Metal Gear series usually (but not always) follows the adventures of Solid Snake, against an assortment of enemies like Big Boss. The stories are well connected with a strong sense of continuity from the latest games to the very first. They are known to gamers for their long cut scenes, compelling gameplay, and completely insane (in a good way) storylines and ideas.

The Metal Gear series' gameplay is often centered around progressing through the area remaining unseen by cameras or guards. If you were spotted in Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, you could either kill all enemies on the screen or move to a different screen or floor. However, the guards could do two things if you were spotted. They could give one exclamation point, indicating Snake could escape to another screen or floor. However, the guards could also give two exclamation points. That means, they called in reinforcements and, you couldn't escape, meaning Snake had to kill all enemies in your way. If he was spotted by a camera, it could attack him.

When Metal Gear Solid was released, it took out the need for screens to escape from. The screens were replaced with a two timers, one for Alert Mode, in which guards are trying to kill Snake, and Caution Mode, in which guards are looking for Snake. In all Metal Gear games, you had to collect items and weapons to assist Snake in gathering information, or rescuing a hostage.

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