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Metroid was a game released in 1997 for the Nintendo Entertainment System created by Gunpei Yokoi (who was also the creator of Nintendo's Game Boy). A pioneer of non-linear gameplay, Metroid pulled one of the biggest fakeouts in gaming history. That being the big reveal at the end of the game when the player realizes that the hero of the game is, in fact, female.

The name Metroid comes from the name of the spherical, partially transparent creatures featured within the game which latch onto their victim's heads, sucking out their life energies for sustenance.


In the year 2000 of the history of the cosmos, the Galactic Federation was formed. Comprised of many different beings from around the galaxy, this act created a new era of peace and prosperity. While trade flourished, a group known as the space pirates assembled intent on taking advantage of the weak.

In response to this the Federation Bureau created the Galactic Federation Police. The threat posed by the space pirates, however, was to large for the Galactic Federation Police to handle by themselves. It was decided that warriors from around the galaxy would be assembled and their abilities utilized to combat this new enemy.

Now, in the year 20X5 of the history of the cosmos, a research station in deep-space has been attacked by space pirates. A creature known as a Metroid which had recently been discovered on planet SR388 has been stolen. It is believed by the scientists of the research station to be a dangerous creature that the space pirates could potentially use as a weapon.

The Federation Police, after an exhaustive search have located and launched an attack on the space pirates base planet Zebes. Unable to take the planet themselves, the Federation Police have sent a lone Space Hunter, Samus Aran, to destroy the space pirate Mother Brain and the Metroid.

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