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Metroid Prime Pinball is a pinball adaptation for the popular Metroid series on the Nintendo DS. It was created by Fuse Games Limited, the developer behind Mario Pinball Land for the GBA. It comes with a GBA cartridge that acts as a rumble pak for the DS. The pak vibrates and whenever appropriate.

The game uses Samus Aran's morph ball form as a pinball. In terms of storyline, the game is an alternate pinball reality to Metroid Prime for the GameCube Nintendo.

Game Modes[]

The game consists of three modes of play: Multi Mission, Single Mission, and Wireless Mission (multi-player wireless).

Multi Mission[]

Multi Mission is the main game. You can start on one of two tables: Pirate Frigate or Tallon Overworld. From these two levels you can collect Metroid Prime (GCN) artifacts to advance to not only the other table, but three "boss" tables and the other table before reaching the final boss, Metroid Prime. To advance to another table, you must collect a certain number of artifacts by completing modes in either of the Pirate Frigate or Tallon Overworld tables.

Single Mission[]

Single Mission consists of "Top Bounty" and "Top Time" tables. The "Top Bounty" tables (Pirate Frigate and Tallon Overworld) record the highest score on a Multi Mission table. They replace some of the items in the same multi-mission mode tables that would normally allow the player to advance to other tables with more score bonus items. The "Top Time" tables (Phazon Mines, Phendrana Drifts and Artifact Temple) record fastest times to beat the boss tables from Multi Mission mode.

Wireless Mission[]

Wireless Mission is for connecting one DS to up to eight total players on one Metroid Prime Pinball game card. All players play to rack up 100,000 points. The game shows each connected players progress in a progress bar as well as a rank number. There is only one table available in the Wireless Mission, Magmoor Caverns.

Game Controls[]

The game's main controls are the flippers. Flippers can either be used with the left and right trigger buttons or left on the D-pad and the A-button or any combination of those two sets.

In morphball mode, the B-button release morph bombs and the X-button releases power bombs. In attack mode, Samus un-morphs automatically fires her arm cannon. Pressing the Y-button will fire any missiles that have been collected in morphball mode.

There are also temporary locks in tables that act as slot-machine like scanners. Pressing the B-button will activate the scanner to stop on a bonus or power-up.

Game Options[]

The only in-game options available are:

  1. Turn the screen backlights on and off
  2. Turn the Rumble GBA cartridge on and off

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