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Microsoft Flight is a flight simulation application from Microsoft.[1] Announced in August 2010, it is intended to continue and replace the long running Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise which had existed for more than 28 years before having been discontinued some 18 months previous.[1] On July 25, 2012, Microsoft announced it had cancelled further development of Microsoft Flight, although the Steam version continued to receive bug fixes in late 2012. In 2013, the Xbox PC marketplace closed, removing Microsoft Flight from the digital platform, as well as from Steam. In 2014, the multiplayer servers were shut down, but the single-player experience remains available to play.


The game is in its early development stages, with an alpha version nearly ready for internal testing, according to Kevin Unangst, a senior director in Microsoft's game unit. Few details have been released on Flight, but it has been said that it is looking to appeal to flying enthusiasts with the realism, accuracy, and fidelity they expect, but also imagines including other types of gameplay that might appeal more to novices. "It's an opportunity for us to branch out even more into something that's approachable," said Kevin Unangst.[2]


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