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Midnight Club (series)
Basic Information
Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar London
Rockstar Games
Action, Racing, Open-world
PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance

Midnight Club is a series of racing video games published by Rockstar Games and developed by Rockstar San Diego. The series has had 6 games published during the years 2000-2008.

Midnight Club: Street Racing[]

Midnight is the first game in the Midnight Club series. It was published in 2000 (2001 and 2002 for Gameboy Advance) and took place in 2 cities: New York and London. It all starts when a New York City taxi cab driver joins a racing group that races in sports cars called "the Midnight Club".

Midnight Club II[]

Midnight Club II is the first sequel in the Midnight Club series. It made its debut in 2003 and allowed players to race through 3 cities: Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. Los Angeles has dry, hilly suburbs, congested interstates, many shortcuts and jumps, and many landmarks. Paris has cobblestone alleyways, monumental roundabouts and the Paris Catacombs. Tokyo is a city with neon lights, tight alleyways, and tourist attractions.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition[]

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition is a video game in the Midnight Club series that made its debut in 2005. There are 7 types of cars:

  • Tuners
  • SUVs/Trucks
  • Choppers
  • Sport Bikes
  • Classic/Muscle Cars
  • Luxury Sedans
  • Exotics

It has 3 cites: San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix[]

Midnight Club 3:DUB Edition Remix is the remix edition of Midnight Club 3:DUB Edition. It has the 3 cities found in DUB Edition and has a fourth city (Tokyo), 24 new vehicles, online gameplay, new music, new races and battle maps.

Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles[]

Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles is the 5th released game in the Midnight Club series that was released in 2008 (2009 in Japan). It's set in the city of Los Angeles.

Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles Remix[]

Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles Remix is the remixed version of Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles. Races occur in Los Angeles and Tokyo.