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Mini Ninjas is an action-adventure developed by IO Interactive. The game takes place in a world inspired by feudal Japan, and follows a group of young ninjas as they work to free the land from the control of evil samurai.


Mini Ninjas is a linear third-person action adventure game inspired by ancient Japan. The player starts out with control of the main protagonist Hiro, and unlocks a total of six ninjas throughout the story, each of whom has their own unique weapons and abilities.


After an evil Samurai Warlord is defeated, a period of peace falls upon the empire. However, the Evil Samurai Warlord eventually returns, and begins his plot to retake over the world: using forbidden Kuji magic, he turns animals into his henchmen, and retakes his abandoned castles. Having upset the balance of nature through his dark magic, the Warlord brings about the wrath of the gods, which take form as natural disasters and great storms. The Ninja Master, unaware of the Warlord's return but concerned about the strange disasters, sends out ninjas to investigate. Each ninja fails to return, leaving him with only two left: Hiro and Futo. Left with no other choice, he has them finish their training, and sends them out as well.

The two discover the Warlord's plot, and make their way to stop him. Traversing the land, they free their captured ninja friends and defeat the bosses occupying the castles. Eventually, they reach the Warlord, and Hiro defeats him after a heated battle. As the Warlord disappears into a crack in the earth, peace returns to the land, and the ninjas begin their journey home.



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