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Monkeystone Games
Basic Information
Company Type
Interactive entertainment
Key People
John Romero, Founder
Tom Hall,
Stevie Case,
Brian Moon
Lucas Davis

Monkeystone Games was a video game developer and publisher founded by John Romero, Tom Hall, Stevie Case, and Brian Moon. The company's focus was on mobile games. After its inception in July 2001, Monkeystone published several titles on multiple platforms.


Their first in-house title, Hyperspace Delivery Boy! was first developed for the Pocket PC and released on December 23, 2001. The game was then ported to Windows, Mac, Linux and Game Boy Advance, although the Game Boy Advance version was never released. Monkeystone also published titles by third parties such as Argentum, Rocket Elite, Bust Em, Night Shift, and others.

Monkeystone's second in-house title was a puzzler called Congo Cube. They initially developed Congo Cube for Windows, then ported it to the Pocket PC, Java ME phones, and BREW phones.

Their third in-house title was a recreation of the PlayStation 2 hit Red Faction on Nokia's new gaming deck, N-Gage. It was completed in October 2003.


Brian Moon left Monkeystone sometime in 2002. Stevie Case left Monkeystone in mid-2003. Tom Hall and John Romero left Monkeystone in October 2003 to work at Midway Games. One of their colleagues, Lucas Davis, was left to run the day-to-day operations, but the company closed in January 2005.

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