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Monumental Games is an independent UK video game developer. It was founded by industry veterans Rik Alexander (CEO) and Rocco Loscalzo (CTO) in 2005.[citation needed] It develops Monumental Technology Suite (MTS), a Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO) game engine.

Monumental Games was founded out of the remnants of Climax's Nottingham Studio, which had been working on the MMOG Warhammer Online for Games Workshop.

It has been involved in licensed third party video game development projects for Microsoft Windows, video game consoles and MMOs with several video game development studios and publishers, including Codemasters, Eidos and Kuju. They also plan to produce and develop video games based on their own intellectual property.

Monumental Games develops, employs, and licenses an MMO game development technology suite for use with its in-house and licensed third party developed MMO game products.


  • Monumental Technology Suite

The Monumental Technology Suite has been licensed by over 50 development teams globally and underpins their own MMO developments.


Monumental Games is presently working on four projects:

  • Football Superstars, a football themed MMO game (publisher Cybersports)[1]
  • Hunter's World, a massively multiplayer online hunting game[2]
  • MotoGP 0910 for Capcom[3]
  • Little Horrors, the first 3D Facebook game[4]


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